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661 748 0241 phone calls

Malware and Phishing Scam Alert for Phone Number: 661-748-0241

What is phone number 661-748-0241?

Phone number 661-748-0241 is a default Skype telephone number alike 661-748-0240 that is used by Skype users who have not yet set up their accounts. The phone number 661-748-0241 will appear on outbound calls made by Skype users taking advantage of the services.

Warning! Criminals and scam artists use the phone number 661-748-0241 in order to orchestrate different types of scams.

What is Skype?

Skype (skype.com) is popular software that allows users to make voice and video calls over the internet.

661 748 0241 phone calls

Phishing attempts from (661) 748-0241

There have been many reports of criminals utilizing the default Skype telephone numbers, including 661-748-0241, to extract sensitive information from victims and perform various scams.

  • Phishing scams orchestrated by criminals using the default Skype phone numbers may include fake Microsoft scams, fake ISP scams, fake family member scams, etc.
  • Criminals will often call unsuspecting victims fraudulently claiming to be from Microsoft or the a representative from the internet service provider, etc. In some scams criminals will attempt to persuade a victim that their computer has been compromised by malware, etc. and will state that in order to fix their computers a remote connection must be made. For more information about this and similar scams please see our article about the AMMYY scam.
  • Criminals are noted to use personal information in phone calls.
  • In rare cases existing malware has infecting the computer system, including spyware and Trojans. Data collected by existing spyware and/or Trojans may be used in phone calls, and is often the first sign of an infection. Data may include phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, identification numbers, financial information, and more.

What to do if 661-748-0241 calls you

Unless you are experienced with Skype, if you receive an anonymous phone call from the phone number (661) 748 0241 ignore it.

There may also be additional options made available by your service provider as to block or restrict the telephone number.

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, it is strongly recommended to eradicate malicious files using reputable software.

— View malware removal software

FBI Links:
— E-Scams | Internet Fraud
— FBI Cyber Crime Webpage

Please document your experience with phone number 6617480241 in the comments below.

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  • Received many phone calls at my work from this number. She told me that her company made a mistake and needs to send me more toner. When I ask who authorized this purchase, she told me, “someone from your corporate office.” I told her that I cannot verify any information nor authorize her to send me anything, she quickly hangs up. 3rd call this week…

  • 661-748-0241 Just tried to call me as of today. I didn’t reply because I couldn’t recognize the area code. The person didn’t leave a voicemail. I called back, but an auto message from Skype told me a Skype user tried to reach me. I found then, that this number is often used by scammers. Beware!

  • Numerous calls with this number displayed in caller ID. Wants to “park my car in your garage”, “put my hot dog in your taco”, etc.

    Municipal police research indicates this number is the default number displayed by a SKYPE user if they open an anonymous account.

    SKYPE is giving these perverts the ability to harass and scam people with impunity. SKYPE is also making money for CenuryLink now that I am paying for “services” to try and prevent these types of calls.

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