What does 5xx Server Error mean? (Instagram)

5xx Server Error

Learn what 5xx Server Error means and what you can do to access Instagram’s app or site if shown 5xx Server Error.

What is 5xx Server Error?

5xx Server Error is an error that appear when a website’s server is failing to fulfill requests and cannot display the requested content. A 5xx Server Error is not significant to Instagram but is often shown when Instagram’s app and website is failing to fulfill requests.

5xx Server Error

5xx Server Error error refers to several errors such as 500, 501, 501, 503, and 511 errors. It can mean that one of these errors has occurred.

  • A 500 error is an internal server error. This means that the site is failing and a crash might be in process. If this is the case just wait it out and try to visit the site later.
  • A 501 error means that requirements are not meant by the server. If this is the case just wait it out and try to visit the site later.
  • A 503 error means that the service is unavailable. A 503 error is usually temporary and shown when a website is undergoing maintenance or overloaded. Again, if this is the case just wait it out and try to visit the site later.
  • A 511 error means that you are being in intercepted before you can gain full access to the internet, and this is often the case if you try to access free public Wi-Fi without having entered the correct code. Make sure you enter the correct information. You might even need to accept some terms or conditions before you can use free public Wi-Fi.

Server issues such as 5xx Server Error are often due to maintenance and problem’s on the website’s end. It does not mean that your computer or phone has been corrupted or is not working correctly. The 5xx Server Error happens from time to time on Instagram; usually when they are updating the site or maintaining it. My advice is to wait it out and try visiting Instagram later.

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