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New Crypto Scam Hacks Your Device and Records You


New sextortion email scams have been discovered linked to Bitcoin Wallet 1ArrA3D7zbPnGmNXTiDu829fEwzZKFoXG. At the time of writing this, the BTC wallet currently has 1 transaction totaling $1,227.11 USD. This may indicate that 1 person has fallen for this scam and paid the amount demanded in the fraudulent email message.

A sextortion email scam is a scam that became popular around late 2018. In a sextortion scam, a scammer (or scammers) will send email messages in bulk to various targets fraudulently claiming that they have been recorded through their cameras while watching sexual content online. In many cases, the email messages sent will appear to be sent from the target receiving the email message. For example, the email message may appear to be sent to email@example.com from email@example.com and this can oftentimes frighten recipients who may assume their email accounts were hacked.

Here’s an example of an email template linked to BTC wallet 1ArrA3D7zbPnGmNXTiDu829fEwzZKFoXG:

Subject: Pending for payment.

Have you seen lately my e-mail to you from an account of yours?
Yeah, that merely confirms that I have gained a complete access to device of yours.

Within the past several months, I was observing you.
Are you still surprised how could that happen? Frankly speaking, malware has infected your devices and it’s coming from an adult website, which you used to visit.
Although all this stuff may seem unfamiliar to you, but let me try to explain that to you.

With aid of Trojan Viruses, I managed to gain full access to any PC or other types of devices.
That merely means that I can watch you whenever I want via your screen just by activating your camera as well as microphone, while you don’t even know about that.
Moreover, I have also received access to entire contacts list as well as full correspondence of yours.

You may be wondering, “However, my PC is protected by a legitimate antivirus, so how could that happen? Why couldn’t I get any alerts?”
To be honest, the reply is quite straightforward: malware of mine utilizes drivers, which update the signatures on 4-hourly basis,
which turns them to become untraceable, and hereby making your antivirus remain idle.

I have collected a video on the left screen where you enjoy wanking, while the video on the right screen shows the video you were watching at that point of time.
Still puzzled how much damage could that cause? One mouse click is enough for me to share this video to your social networks, as well as e-mail contacts of yours.
In addition, I am also able to gain access to all e-mail correspondence as well as messengers used by you.

Below are simple steps required for you to undertake in order to avoid that from occurring – transfer $1220 in Bitcoin equivalent to my wallet
(if you don’t know how to complete that, just open your browser and make a google search: “Buy Bitcoin”).

My bitcoin wallet address (BTC Wallet) is: 1ArrA3D7zbPnGmNXTiDu829fEwzZKFoXG

Once the payment has been confirmed, I shall remove the video without delay, and that is end of story – afterwards you won’t hear about me again for sure.
The time for you to perform the transaction is 2 days (48 hours).
After this e-mail is opened by you, I will get an automatic notice, which will start my timer.

Any effort to complain will not change anything at all, because this e-mail is simply untraceable, just like my bitcoin address.
I have been developing these plans for quite an extended period of time; so, don’t expect any mistake from my side.

If, get to know that you tried to send this message to anyone else, I will distribute your video as described earlier.

If you received the email message above or an email message similar to it it does not mean that your devices were infected with malware and it does not mean that anyone accessed your email account to send you an email message. Scammers typically use email spoofing software, tools, and websites to make it appear as if emails were sent from their targets, but it’s not actually the case. The content contained in the email messages is not true and paying the demanded amount of cryptocurrency will not guarantee that you will not receive the same email message again.

Although the message is fraudulent and a confirmed scam that has been popular since late 2018, receiving such an email message may indicate that your email address was leaked online and obtained from a list that may have been dumped or sold following a data breach. In other words, if you received an email message like this your email address and other information may have been leaked online following a breach that occurred with a third-party such as Adobe, Robinhood, NVIDIA, and more.

To check if your email address and other information were leaked online visit haveibeenpwned.com and take advantage of the free search tool on their website.

In addition, if you believe your computer is infected with malware we strongly advise you to download, install, and use Malwarebytes to remove malware and other unwanted programs that can put your personal data at risk

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