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Scams linked to 1APrSCGMTxQ1McoKV2qmPNssASys55wg4


1APrSCGMTxQ1McoKV2qmPNssASys55wg4 is a Bitcoin wallet (also called BTC wallet or crypto wallet) linked to various email scams. Email scams linked to the wallet are typically designed to trick email recipients into sending a Bitcoin payment to 1APrSCGMTxQ1McoKV2qmPNssASys55wg4.

Although there are various scams linked to this wallet, they are all sextortion email scams where the sender (scammer) sends an email message to a recipient (victim) that contains a message, picture as the message, and/or attachment with a text file, PDF file, or image file (such as .png or .jpg). The attachment may also include a .zip or .rar file that requires extraction.

If an image is sent in the body of the email message or as an attachment it will contain a note that would be identical to or similar to the template of a basic sextortion email message. The reason why some scammers send an image or attachment instead of typing a message is to bypass spam filters.

An example of an email message that uses the 1APrSCGMTxQ1McoKV2qmPNssASys55wg4 looks something like this:

Hi, this account was infected! Renew the pswd immediately!

You probably do not know me and you obviously are getting this email, is it right?

I am a hacker who opened your email and all devices some time ago.

Do not waste your time and try to contact me or alternatively seek for me, it is not possible, considering that I sent you this message from YOUR own hacked account.

I have set up malware soft to the adult vids (porno) website and suppose that you spent time on the website to have a good time (you understand what I mean).

When you have been keeping an eye on movies, your internet browser began functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) that have a keylogger which gave me permission to access your desktop and web camera.

What actually do you have to do?

Good, in my view, 1000 USD will be a fair amount of money for this little riddle. You will make the payment by bitcoins (if you don’t know this, try to find “how to purchase bitcoin” in Google).

My bitcoin wallet address is:


(It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it).

As you can see, this message can be frightening to many people. The message may also appear to be sent to you from your own account, which adds even more anxiety to the issue.

Scammers use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to make anonymous exchanges and use private wallets like Coinbase as a place to store and move cryptocurrency without being detected. In some instances, cryptocurrency wallets may be investigated by government agencies and security professionals, but for the most part, the owner of the wallet remains unidentified.

Your data was leaked online

Although the message is only a scam, there is something to be concerned about. If you received an email message that mentions the 1APrSCGMTxQ1McoKV2qmPNssASys55wg4 Bitcoin wallet it could mean that your data was leaked online after a data breach that occurred on third-party sites such as Adobe, Experian, or Brave. In most cases, full names, usernames, passwords, telephone numbers, and other information is leaked online and sold on the dark web.

Secure your accounts

Since your information may have been leaked online it is strongly advised to secure your accounts to avoid being exploited. Follow these best practices to secure your online accounts and maintain a hacker-proof password:

  • Create a unique password for all the accounts you access online. Avoid reusing the same password for more than one account.
  • Use a password manager such as 1PasswordLastPass, or Roboform if you have trouble remembering passwords.
  • Use special characters such as !@#$& to make your passwords harder for people to crack.
  • Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) such as two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible to add an extra layer of security.
  • Use a secure email service that provides end-to-end encryption such as Tutanota or ProtonMail.
  • Use Antivirus software such as Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender Antivirus that is free and better than a lot of Antivirus programs on the market, especially when combined with Malwarebytes.

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