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Your file is ready

How to remove Your file is ready message

If you keep seeing pop-up notification messages from Google Chrome that say “Your file is ready” and “Start download right now” there could be a problem with your Chrome notification settings. A rogue website may have been added to the “Allow” list without your consent. If this is the case you might notice the “Your file is ready” pop-up every time you start your computer or launch your browser.

Your file is ready

There is also a chance that the notification is from a legitimate source such as a website that you recently attempted to download something from.

Either way if you want to remove the Your file is ready pop-up message here is a guide that shows you how to turn off Google Chrome notifications and block or remove notifications that you simply do not want to see from a specific site.

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Notifications (or visit: chrome://settings/content/notifications).
  2. To turn off Google Chrome notification messages move the blue toggle next to the Ask before sending feature. It will say Blocked when this is complete.
  3. To block or remove a specific notification that you do not want to see go to Allow and locate the website the notification is from in the list. Click the URL settings and select Block or Remove to either block or remove the site from showing you notifications.

Remove notification

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