Why you should never register a domain with GoDaddy

never register a domain with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of those companies based in the United States that borders along the lines of a criminal enterprise. Many of the things GoDaddy does make you wonder how the company is still allowed to operate. From the way GoDaddy treats their employees to the way GoDaddy treats their customers it is astonishing that GoDaddy has been able to do the things they have been doing for so long. GoDaddy has been sued more times than anyone can imagine for things like cyber squatting, false advertising (in particular: illegal charges for something they claim is free), domain name status registration, illegal charges in general (in particular: After failing to give customers proper notice that their domain name has expired, GoDaddy then forces customers to pay this extra $80 fee to get their domain name back), violating their guarantee, illicit wage theft scheme (filed by a former employee), nickel-and-dimming employees, and so much more.

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GoDaddy is not a safe place to register or host your domain. There are various legitimate reasons why you should never register a domain with GoDaddy. If you do have a domain registered with GoDaddy you should immediately transfer it to another registrar. Google Domains is a great choice as a domain registrar if you are looking to get away from GoDaddy and they offer free domain privacy registration (like many other registrars do). Google Domains is also relatively inexpensive and easy to use as a domain registrar. The point is: Get your domain names as far away from GoDaddy and Domains By Proxy as you can!

Reasons why you should never register a domain with GoDaddy

  • GoDaddy essentially owns your domain and can do whatever they want with it at anytime and for any reason. GoDaddy can cancel your domain at anytime and control the content on your website.
  • GoDaddy can control your bank account or PayPal account that you have connected to your GoDaddy account. GoDaddy can charge you for any purpose at anytime as outlined in their 31,000+ word service agreement (they have been sued for this before). If you file a dispute or claim against the charge from GoDaddy they will cancel your domain’s registration and any other service you purchased from them, which leaves you in the dust.

godaddy reversal notice

  • All the payments you make to GoDaddy are considered non-refundable. Let’s say you purchase domain registration for 5 years with privacy from Domains By proxy and hosting for the same amount of time and GoDaddy decides to cancel your services after 1 day. You will not be able to acquire a refund from GoDaddy. In fact, asking GoDaddy for a refund is seen as a form of harassment or a threat as reported by GoDaddy employees.
  • Once GoDaddy has cancelled your domain name’s registration they will lock you out of your account and will ensure that you cannot speak to any of their employees aside from the employees who work in the office of the CEO. This means that you cannot gather information you may need to move your domains or cancel payments. If you are locked out of your GoDaddy account and have received authorization codes for a transfer and follow through with the transfer they can still charge you for domain registration because you were never able to access your account to cancel the payment.
  • If GoDaddy or Domains By Proxy receives a legal complaint about your website (even if it is hosted elsewhere) they will charge you a minimum $50 administrative fee. The legal complaint doesn’t even have to be true. It can be patently fake and complain about websites that you do not own or associate with.
  • If you try to transfer your domain name away from GoDaddy to a new registrar they will procrastinate and take much longer than the usual amount of days, which is typically 5. It can take a month or even more to transfer your domain name away from GoDaddy. In the meantime, GoDaddy can still charge you for any reason.
  • If you have purchased private registration from Domains By Proxy through GoDaddy they have the right to hand out your personal information to anyone who asks or makes false threats. Even if you cancel your service with Domains By Proxy they can still hand out your information as outlined in their 31,000+ word service agreement. It doesn’t matter if you are no longer a customer and registered and protected elsewhere.
  • Customers have complained about a decrease in their web traffic after complaining to the company. Some users claim their traffic immediately when down by 80%. This is mostly linked to complaints to Domains By Proxy and it has been found that links to and from DBP may be seen as spam by Google which can cause your website to lose rank.

In conclusion, if your domain is registered with GoDaddy you should leave them now! Don’t become another victim and hesitate to transfer your domain name away from GoDaddy before it’s too late. If your livelihood depends on your domain name(s) you are putting your life at risk by staying with GoDaddy.









Sean Doyle

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7 Responses

  1. JVee says:

    I have been trying for a few weeks to transfer away from Godaddy but the Auth Code they provided is False having tried inputting to domainadmin.com. The following message can be found” The AUTH code is created at the time a domain is registered. Domain transfer requests must include the AUTH code to confirm transfer authority. The AUTH code can be found by contacting your current Domain Registration Service Provider and they must provide it to you. If they do not, the Domain Registration Service Provider is in breach of their Registry-Registrar Agreement and you should contact the appropriate Registry”. Does anyone know how to do this please

  2. Brandy Grote says:

    We started a website with those crooks over 15 years ago. We uploaded nice content, and got business cards and flyers made. They locked the site and stole our content, thus ending our business. All we have to show for it is boxes of business cards and flyers.

    I’ve been looking for the right class action suit against them, and will be notifying my business partner of the links here. Hioefully we can get some compensation, if not get our domain and data returned…

    • Alaso Lawrence Krukrubo says:

      I’m having the same issue with them, my website content just disappeared and it went from a fully functional site to about to launch, We initiated a site back-up restore and yet it did not come on properly. i’m just soo pissed. Customers are leaving. Godaddy is definitely not a place to have your site

  3. Donald Alan Paterson says:

    I had a similar experience where they took $1,700 without my consent and then when I called they agreed to cancel a bunch of stuff and modify what I needed so that the $1,700 went down to $250. Oh yeah, they must have changed their minds because they then said that they couldn’t cancel my other stuff so my bill went up to $1,900. I am still trying to get my money back.

  4. Kara says:

    Yes! GoDaddy charged my account for an auto-renewed service for a price I never agreed to! They are scam artists! Their return policy is bullshit! Use any other service!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hate GoDaddy. They tried to scam me!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had an employee of godaddy that became very rude when I asked for a manager, so in retaliation, 2 of them called the website that was hosting one of my websites and had it shut down under false accusations, then the same with my twitter account. I spoke to the manager and they brushed me off like nothing. There is no way to contact the home office. They just don’t have any respect. And godaddy does illegally charge you for things that you don’t even request without as much as an email to notify you and then they refuse to reimburse you.

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