Twitter keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

Twitter keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) can be used to perform various actions on Twitter. Twitter keyboard shortcuts can be used to reply, direct message, retweet, and more from a device with a keyboard. Twitter keyboard shortcuts can also be used to navigate through Twitter and Timelines.

Here is a list of Twitter keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) that can make Twitter easier for you:

F – Favorite
R – Reply
T – Retweet
M – Direct Message
N – New Tweet
ENTER – Open Tweet Details
L – Close all open Tweets
? – This menu
J – New Tweet
K – Previous Tweet
SPACE – Page down
/ – Search
. – Load new Tweets
GH – Home
GC – Connect
GA – Activity
GR – Mentions
GD – Discover
GP – Profile
GF – Favorites
GM – Messages
GU – Go to user…

To use these Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys) make sure to be logged into your Twitter account from a device such as a computer with a connected keyboard. Go to and strike the appropriate keyboard key to perform the Twitter Keyboard Shortcut you want to use.

twitter keyboard shortcuts