How to Block Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  1. Hi Sean, thanks for the article! It’s been really helpful 🙂

  2. Suro says:

    Today morning noticed about this. Now a days, analytics data is nothing but full of crap. trying to ditch GA.

  3. Russell says:

    Thanks Sean, we’ve seen some of this too and this explains it well.

  4. Thanks to you brother. You helped me a lot.

  5. Very helpful again, and fast. The problem occured yesterday and a proper solution that doesn’t filter out all twitter traffic showed up first at your site. Thanks.

  6. Thomas Hauck says:

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the article.

    Filter Name : remove_twitter_referral_spam
    Filter Type: Predefined
    Exclude: Filter Field -> “Campaign Source”
    Filter Pattern:

    Question: Is this the correct URL for the filter pattern?

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