How to stop referral spam in Google Analytics is a referrer spam website that promotes various Amazon and eBay suppliers. These types of websites usually ask people to purchase products in bulk in order to sell them on websites like Amazon and eBay. If you notice a referral in Google Analytics it means that your Google Analytics account is being targeted with spam. No one was actually referred to your website from a webpage on the domain. referral

The purpose of referrer spam is to get your attention and persuade you to visit the URL in your browser. The website promotes third-party work-from-home schemes and will redirect users to other websites, including The website claims it can help you find products to sell in your own online eBay store.

We do not recommend websites that engage in referrer spam. Referrer spam is a blackhat SEO tactic that completely disregards your website’s data in order to desperately and recklessly promote online content. referral traffics is not essentially harmful to your website and it will not affect your rank in Google Search Results Pages; However, referrer spam can ruin the data collected in your Google Analytics reports if you do not block it from targeting your account. For example, if referrals appear to land on a single webpage on your website and leave from the same website it will create a 100% bounce rate. If your website is targeted by referrer spammers you may not be able to identify your website’s bounce rate. The same can be said about other data measured in most Google Analytics reports.

How to stop referral spam

These instructions show you how to block referrals and other referrer spam URLs in Google Analytics by creating an exclude filter. This is the method recommended by Google to block this type of referrer traffic.

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab. Click All Filters on the left side.

2. Click the + ADD FILTER button to create a new filter.

3. Add or something else that you can remember as the Filter Name. If you plan to add more spam URLs to the list you can name the list something like “Referrer Spam Filter.”

4. Select the Custom Filter Type from the two options.

5. In Filter Field Field select Campaign Source.

6. In the Filter Pattern box, add and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the webpage. To add multiple URLs to the same filter you can make a Filter Pattern similar to this with a | between each URL: | |

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