Beware of rising Target scams in 2014

Target store scams on the rise

The recent Target data breach that leaves Target customers at risk of serious credit and identity theft crimes has caused another large issue for Target store customers. Criminals are now taking advantage of the current situation regarding stolen Target customer information, such as full names, email addresses, home addresses, credit information, and more, by masquerading as Target themselves.

  • In some scenarios victims of the Target scam will receive telephone calls from phone numbers such as 661-748-0240 (and others) or emails, in which criminals and scam artists fraudulently claim to be representatives from Target, the victims credit card institution, the victims bank, or other constitutions in order to phish additional information and cause serious havoc.
  • A caller or email may ask a target for information to verify the victim’s credentials such as their social security numbers, drivers license numbers, bank and credit card information (account usernames and passwords).
  • Scam artists may even claim to be technicians from Microsoft or support for Internet Service Providers (etc.) in order to make a remote connection to a victim’s computer.
  • In other instances the caller may claim to be able to provide free credit monitoring or another credit service.

Target has only issued one mass email to their customers that you can read here. If you received another email than the one published in the previous article, please avoid the message. The email may be a phishing attack and can lead to further complications.

2014 Target scams

Target has also not cold-called any customers to apologize to or provide information to.

What to do if you have fallen victim to a Target scam

If you have fallen victim to a Target scam it is recommended to contact your local law enforcement office as well as your affected bank or credit institution.

  • Target Press Release: