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How to create a WordPress Archive page

Easiest way to create a WordPress archive page. There are tons of easy ways to create an exciting WordPress archives page. There are also tons of WordPress tutorials floating around the internet that offer minimal guidelines in doing so for those whom have not been introduced to making proper WordPress page templates. So this article will explain how to create a WordPress archive page that you can use as a page template.

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How to block access to wp-admin page

Securing your WordPress login page, or your wp-admin folder, on your WordPress website by blocking outside access to the wp-admin page is very simple. You can take advantage of your …

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The best bbPress shortcodes for WordPress

This is a list of the best bbPress shortcodes for WordPress websites. Default bbPress shortcodes can be used to create macros that are used in the layout of the forum content of your WordPress pages. The …

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How to generate website screenshots for WordPress websites

This guide will help you easily generate a screenshot of a website for your WordPress website by implementing PHP code into the functions.php template file and using a WordPress shortcode. This script uses the WordPress.com screenshot generator and all you need to do is copy and paste simple code into your functions.php file and place a simple shortcode on a page or post on your WordPress website.