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pokemon go virus

Remove Pokémon Go virus

Pokémon Go virus is an expression used to characterize a malicious threat regarding an association with the popular Pokémon Go game. The term “Pokémon Go virus”...

Microsoft(C) Register Server

How to remove Microsoft(C) Register Server (Virus Removal Guide)

Microsoft(C) Register Server is a process which is part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft(C) Register Server is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems and can be disguised by potentially unwanted programs and malware. The file associated with the Microsoft(C) Register Server process is usually located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. If the file associated with the Microsoft(C) Register Server process is not in that folder it is malware.


How to remove 717532 (Removal Guide)

717532 is a malicious application that utilizes stealth methods to obtain access to a computer which it infects. Once 717532 malware has been contracted a computer may become slow and sluggish, internet connectivity may be disrupted, and the computer and internet user may experience a variety of symptoms caused by potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and malware that bundle with 717532.

Remove Sogou Advertisement

How to remove Sogou (Virus Removal Guide)

Adware.Sogou is dangerous adware also called CPush that became popular in 2007 and is categorized as a browser hijacker which intereacts with browser helper object settings (BHOs) and infects systems by use of other trojans, as well as installing alongside other forms of malware without user consent.