the pirate bay down

The Pirate Bay is down!

The Pirate Bay (ThePirateBay) is currently down. This has caused a lot of concern among BitTorrent users. Many torrent users fear for the worst; However, it has been said that The Pirate Bay isn’t likely to be offline for very long. moves to moves to

Today the popular torrent websites announced that they will be moving to another domain. The new domain will be and visitors are suspected to be automatically redirected from to

Game of Thrones leaked online

Game of Thrones Season 5 Leaked Online!

The first four episodes of Game of Thrones have been leaked on online torrent websites. A rumor has also suggested that a full 6 episodes of the new season will also appear online. The first four episodes of the series started making their way around the web Saturday night after being uploaded to several Torrent websites (such as, a day prior to the official Sunday premiere. down down due to domain name seizure – converts to

Several reports have confirmed that the popular torrent website is down due to a domain name seizure. Internet users have gone to the internet complaining that is down. Various reports have confirmed that the domain has been seized by local police officers, the way thepiratebay and other torrent websites have been seized in the past.