Anvisoft malware

How to remove the Anvisoft Virus (Rogue/Scareware Removal Guide)

The Anvisoft virus, is a term use to describe potentially dangerous Anvisoft malware, categorized as scareware or rogue software. Anvisoft offers potential rogue software including Anvisoft Smart Defender PRO, Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocked PRO, that may potentially harm or potentially offer little or no benefit to users. Potential Anvisoft malware promotes itself as legitimate software suites used to scan and eradicate malware and computer viruses, speed up computer performance, and block advertisements for a price. According to many sources, Anvisoft is not safe for reasons citing a history of cyber criminal activity, customer complains, dishonesty, and copyright infringement. It is recommended to avoid Anvisoft software including AnvisoftSmart Defender PRO, Anvisoft Cloud System Booster PRO, and Anvi AD Blocker PRO.

Win 8 Virus

How To Remove Win 8 Security System Virus – Fake Win 8 Antivirus Security Tool Removal Instructions (Scareware)

Win 8 Security System, part of the Braviax family of malware, is malicious rogue software categorized as Scareware, disguised as a fake Antivirus scan/Security tool that is used by cyber criminals to scare computer users into believing their computers are corrupted, facing critical errors and/or infected with malware,Trojans, viruses, and worms. The purpose of the Win 8 Security System virus is to persuade victims into purchasing the extended license of their fake Win 8 Security software using these shameless tactics.

File Restore

How To Remove The File Restore Virus – Fake/Rogue File Restore Repair Diagnostics Program Removal Instructions

The File Restore virus (File Restore Repair) is a fake Antivirus, Malware removal program, and diagnostic tool belonging to the WinWebSec family that scares unsuspecting users into believing their system is infected with malware, viruses, and Trojans and/or committing critical errors including, hard disk failure and file system errors in order to get the computer user (victim) to purchase or license their rogue File Restore program.