$100 Kroger Coupon scam

Kroger is not giving away a free $100 Kroger Coupon (Scam)

A new scam that hijacks your Facebook profile, phishes your personal information, and spreads malware has been circulating on Facebook which claims otherwise. The $100 Kroger Coupon scam claims that Facebook users can receive a free $100 Kroger Coupon by visiting specific webpages.

Southwest Airlines Facebook Scams

Beware of Southwest Airlines Facebook Scams

Beware of Southwest Airlines Facebook scams that are designed to phish personal information and spread malware. Southwest Airlines Facebook scams are growing every day and there is a variety of different types of Southwest Airlines scams on the social media website.

love target shopping survey scam

Warning: Target Shopping Survey email scam

You may have received a fraudulent email with the subject line “Love Target?” from a sender titled Target Shopping Survey (or bounce-67216169@ponnanakoje.us) that claims you can complete a Target shopping survey in order to claim a Target gift-card. If you did receive an email claiming to be from Target that provides instructions to complete a shopping survey in order to obtain a gift-card ignore it! The email is a common Target scam that is circulating after the recent Target customer data breach.

2014 Target scams

Beware of rising Target scams in 2014

The recent Target data breach that leaves Target customers at risk of serious credit and identity theft crimes has caused another large issue for Target customers. Criminals are now taking advantage of the current situation regarding stolen Target customer information, such as full names, email addresses, home addresses, credit information, and more, by masquerading as Target themselves.