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Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information and/or money by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in a communication or in content on a website.

Important message from Target to our guests email

Target apologizes for stolen customer data with mass email

You may have received an email from Target Chairman, President and CEO Gregg Steinhafel (TargetNews@target.bfi0.com, etc.) with the subject “Important message from Target to our guests” concerning their recent system breach at the end of last year.

661 748 0241 phone calls

Malware and Phishing Scam Alert for Phone Number: 661-748-0241

Phone number 661-748-0241 is a default Skype telephone number alike 661-748-0240 that is used by Skype users who have not yet set up their accounts. The phone number 661-748-0241 will appear on outbound calls made by Skype users taking advantage of the services.

Warning! Criminals and scam artists use the phone number 661-748-0241 in order to orchestrate different types of scams.

UPS Your package is available for pickup email scam

Dealing with fake UPS email phishing scams – Your package is available for pickup

Fraudulent emails claiming to be sent from UPS and a variety of different fake UPS email phishing scams have been around for many years. The primary objective of these fake UPS email scams is to infect computer systems with malicious payloads (Trojan horses) by tricking victims into believing that UPS, UPS Express Services, and/or UPS Logistics Services needs them to download an email attachment for reasons relating to errors with their service, such as errors with shipping addresses and item weight.

Fax message from jconnect email scam

Email Phishing Scam: jConnect fax message email spam used to spread malware

There are many email/phishing scams concerning fake fax services such as the eFax scam, but the latest one is concerning jConnect premiere fax services (j2). This latest fake jConnect email scam also known as the j2 email scam affects all internet users and seems to be more realistic than previous “fax message” email scams essentially used to infect a computer system with a malicious payloads, because the fake jConnect email sent by scam artists may contain real-clickable links that direct to legitimate and safe websites and non-clickable text fabricated to appear as a link that will not display a suspicious and contradicting URL if hovered over.

Tabletgive scam

Facebook Scam: iPad 3 and iPad HD Giveaways: Dangerous Phishing Websites

The following domains are linked to dangerous Facebook scams involved with fake ipad 3 and ipad HD giveaways. The Facebook scam promises to give Facebook users a free ipad 3 or ipad HD by following certain instructions, which may include completing surveys, but the scam artists involved do not actually give away free ipads. This is a very common Facebook scam that uses multiple websites. Once a website is caught, the DNS A records of the website will also show similar websites on the same server. The websites listed in this article are malicious phishing websites associated with Facebook scams involving fake free ipad 3 and fake free ipad HD giveaways.