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Ideas Apple Bought Borrowed And Stole Infographic

Ideas Apple Bought, Borrowed, And Stole (Infographic)

Picasso had a saying. Good artist copy. Great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. – Steve Jobs. These are the ideas Apple did not make themselves.

Geeks need less than a week to build a goddamn tesla museum infographic

Indiegogo, The Oatmeal, and Nikola Tesla – Geeks Need Less Than A Week To Build A Goddamn Museum (Infographic)

The Oatmeal‘s crusade to save a Tesla Tower ended with $1.4 million in the bank, as well as the title of Indiegogo’s fastest growing campaign. The Onion raised a grand total of $1,370,511 over six weeks for “Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum” Monday. His goal was to convert Wardenclyffe, Nikola Tesla’s laboratory located in Shoreham, NY, into a museum and science center honoring the Serbian-American inventor. Check out the infographic.

Which Colleges Are The Most Social Infographic

Which Colleges Are The Most Social On Social Networks (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered which colleges are the most socially active when it comes to social networks? Check out this social network infographic showing how colleges in the United States rank up on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or Harvard and LSU.

Technology And Rare Earth Elements Infographic

How Technology Destroys And Uses Earth’s Natural Resources (Infographic)

Rare earth elements are key to maintaining our current economy and lifestyle, and crucial to developing a sustainable future. Check out this infographic showing how and what Earth’s metals, etc are used for and how technology like the iPhone destroys Earth’s natural resources.

Benefits of a Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy

Benefits of a Business Intelligence Analytics Strategy (Infographic)

Did you know 74% of companies have difficulty defining a BI strategy? Are your companies strategic decisions based on the right information? Get the right answers from the Benefits of a Business Intelligence Analytics Strategy Infographic.