Browser Hijacker – Malware or virus that replaces existing internet browser settings.

Score Stars

Score Stars (Virus Removal Tutorial)

Score Stars is a browser hijacker similar to News Sorter and MovieBox that makes unwanted changes to existing browser settings including the homepage (startup page), default search...

MovieBox removal

MovieBox (Virus Removal Tutorial)

MovieBox, also known as MovieBox Default Search, is a browser hijacker similar to News Sorter that makes unwanted modifications to existing internet browser settings. The browser...

Zingload.com redirect virus

How to remove Zingload.com (Virus Removal Guide)

Zingload.com is a browser hijacker that modifies existing internet browser settings and changes the homepage and default search engine to https://zingload.com/webs?s=chtcdiscre&q={search_Terms}. When the homepage and default...

Free Streamz

How to remove Free Streamz

Free Streamz Free Streamz, also called Free Streamz Promos, is an internet browser extension compatible with Google Chrome web browser for PC. Free Streamz is described...