Facebook tracks you even if you don't use it, says the Europen Union commission

Facebook tracks you even if you don’t use it, says the European Union commission

A new report by the European Union commission claims that Facebook spies on it’s users, including those who have never had a Facebook account by use of plug-ins and tracking cookies. The report suggests that Facebook tracks internet users with cookies in order to sell targeted advertisements to third-parties. This breaches European law requiring users to choose whether to have tracking cookies placed on their devices or not.

How to clear Facebook search history

Do you search for exes on Facebook, or anything that might embarrass you if your Facebook account was accessed? Did you know Facebook stores your search history?

It’s true, a not-so new, but recently discovered by the masses Facebook feature allows anyone logged into a particular Facebook account to browse the entire search history… The entire search history, meaning your exboyfriends or exgirlfriends name.

sorry, something went wrong Facebook down

Facebook is down due to server failure

You may have attempted to visit Facebook today to notice a page that says “Sorry, something went wrong.” This is because Facebook is down due to a server failure. There is no ETA as to when Facebook will resurrect.

change Facebook News Feed Most Recent Top Stories

How to change Facebook News Feed to Most Recent or Top Stories

In 2014 Facebook tastefully redesigned their website. Along with changes in the visual design, the option to change Most Recent and Top Stories on the Facebook News Feed was slightly altered. You may think that the option to view your friends, liked pages, and followed pages most recent posts and stories has been removed, but it’s still there. Facebook did not go back to the old Home page setup where all posts and stories were mashed into one group.

Angela Werner tagged 2 photos of you on Facebook

Dealing with the fake “Tagged photos of you on Facebook” email phishing scam

One of the latest scams revolving around Facebook users is the “Tagged photos of you on Facebook” email scam. Victims receive fake emails from cyber criminals masquerading as Facebook that claim the user has a numerical amount of tagged photos from a friend or random person. A common subject line of the malicious emails is “Angela Werner tagged 2 photos of you on Facebook” (names and number of tagged photos vary).

Post this Later Facebook button

How to remove orange Facebook buttons (Post & Count Clicks, Post this Later)

Have you noticed orange buttons on Facebook that say Post this Later or Post & Count Clicks? The buttons are allegedly used to posts and count clicks of your Facebook content and schedule Facebook posts. The orange buttons that appears on Facebook are generated via third-party browser attachments (add-ons, extensions, toolbars) and removing a third-party attachment will also remove the orange Post and Count Clicks, Post this Later, and other unwanted buttons on Facebook.