Coolchaser Redirection Virus

How To Completely Remove The CoolChaser Toolbar Hijacker and Search Redirection Virus

The Coolchaser redirection virus is malware powered by, categorized as an internet browser hijacker with internal and third party adware and spyware associations and tactics. Coolchaser hijacks internet browser settings such as the home page causing an infected internet browser to direct to,,,, and other associated URLs. The Coolchaser redirection virus also affects managed-provided search engines, in turn causing internet searches and inputted URLs to redirect to Coolchaser, Infospace, and URL based websites (as well as third party sites).

E Reading Source Virus

How To Remove The EReadingSource Redirection Virus ( Hijacker)

The redirection virus is a mild computer infection categorized as an internet browser hijacker that changes home page settings and provided search engines in order to redirect internet searches and URLs to The domain name directs searches to many different URLs including and

Search Handy Cafe

How To Remove The Search Handy Cafe AtesSoft Virus ( Scam)

HandyCafe ( is scam software distributed as freeware, as well as a commonly referred redirection virus ( that claims to be Internet Cafe Software. Handy Cafe allows operators to access clients computers by use of the Handy Cafe Server and Firewall Client. Handy Cafe operates similar to Trojans and is dangerous. Remove Handy Cafe immediately.

SearchAmong Hijacker Virus

How To Remove The SearchAmong Toolbar Hijacker Virus ( Redirection Malware)

Search Among (, SearchAmong Toolbar) is malware, categorized as an internet browser hijacker which may bundle with or behave similar to adware and spyware applications. Victims noticed their systems have been infected with Search Among when internet browser settings change, such as integrated additional search engines, which in turn causes inputted URLs and searches to redirect to, home page settings change to (start up page changes, redirects), and suspicious add-ons and extensions become present such as the SearchAmong Toolbar.

MaxMySpeed Software Scam

Scam Alert: Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software Malware (,

MaxMySpeed is scareware. They scare unsuspecting computer users by displaying fake computer issues in order to get the computer user to purchase their software “license” which cost $39.99 for just 1 year. Have you seen the commercials for on TV? If not, they claim to instantly diagnose and improve you computer’s speed, but truth be told and the Max My Speed PC Optimizer software is a scam.

Search Completion Virus Homepage

How To Remove The Search Completion Hijacker Virus (

Search completion (, is an internet browser hijacker that bundles with malware such as adware advertisers and other third party viruses. Computers infected by Search Completion, or associated malware bundled with Search Completion notice common hijacker symptoms such as changed homepage (startup page) settings, search and URL input redirections, etc, and symptoms of several adware infections which may consist of popup spam advertisements and altered internet search results. Redirection Virus

How To Remove The Road Runner Toolbar Hijacker Virus (,

The Road Runner toolbar is an extension for Mozilla Firefox (2+), Microsoft Internet Explorer (6-9), and Apple Safari (3 -5) powered by Conduit and Road Runner. The Road Runner Toolbar is distributed by Road Runner ( as freeware. Though seems to be a legitimate “news” based website powered by Time Warner unfortunately, the Road Runner toolbar is bundled with malware and viruses, in particular adware and spyware. The Road Runner virus is commonly referred to as a redirection virus and browser hijacker because of it’s capabilities to affect internet browser settings, such as managed search engines. When an infected user is redirected by Road Runner they are taken to (pictured below).