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Adware – Software that supports advertising.
Quick Guide: How to remove Adware (Removal Guide)


How to remove JSONFor (Removal Guide)

JSONFor is a browser extension that uses aggressive and unethical advertising methods to force victims to install the extension in order to close their browser window....

Image Downloader extension

How to remove the Image Downloader extension

Image Downloader by https://sunnyextdev.com (or other publisher) is a browser extension that injects advertisements into the webpages you are visiting and launches new browser tabs to display...

ChromeWebStore extension

How to remove the ChromeWebStore extension

What is ChromeWebStore? ChromeWebStore is a malicious browser extension that is installed by an executable file rather than through the Chrome Web Store. Once ChromeWebStore is installed it will...

Pluto TV

How to remove Pluto TV (Virus Removal Guide)

Pluto TV (PlutoTV, Pluto TV version 0.0.9) is a potential unwanted program (PUP) that typically downloads and installs alongside other unwanted programs without user knowledge. Pluto TV and programs...