SelectTrends is Not Giving Away 6 Diamond Rings

A Facebook page named SelectTrends published a post on Facebook that claims they are giving away “6 Beautiful Diamond rings” to Facebook users who like their Facebook page, comment “RING” on the post, and share the post.

SelectTrends Facebook scam

SelectTrends Facebook Scam

A Facebook page named SelectTrends has recently published a Facebook post that claim they are giving away 6 Beautiful Diamond rings to Facebook users who like their Facebook page, comment “RING” on the post, and share the post. The post claims that winners will be announced on December 10th, 2016. However, there will be no winners. This is a like-farming scam designed to gather Facebook likes for a variety of reasons.

These types of scams can be very dangerous and are often linked to advanced-fee fraud. In many cases, the scammer will contact a victim who was duped by the Facebook post and claim that they won a prize. The scammer will then say that a shipping fee or some type of advanced payment is required to obtain the prize. Once the fee is paid, the victim will not receive a prize and the scammer will escape with the victim’s money.

The scam can also be used to acquire targets for future scams. If a victim fell for the initial Facebook like-farming scam their information will be collected by scammers including the victim’s full name, friends list, and all information listed publicly on the victim’s Facebook page. The information can be used for scams over the telephone, email scams, Facebook scams, and more. The information may also be submitted to third-parties and used for multiple marketing purposes.

In conclusion, make sure to ignore the SelectTrends Facebook scam and posts published by the deceptive Facebook page. You can also report the scam to Facebook using “More” feature on the SelectTrends Facebook page.

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Post Example

To Celebrate the success of our business this year. We are giving away 6 Beautiful Diamond rings to 6 very lucky fans.
TO ENTER: SHARE this post, LIKE our page & COMMENT "RING" .
Winners will be chosen on Dec 10th just in time for Christmas. Good luck