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Have you seen the commercials for on TV? If not, they claim to instantly diagnose and improve you computer’s speed, but truth be told and the Max My Speed PC Optimizer software is a scam. Note, does not allow their commercial to be embeded ( Commercial

What is and (US Tech Support) provide the fraudulent MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer software . The Max My Speed software alleges to remove spyware, malware, and viruses and clean registry errors, spam, and popups… Which is just a tricky way of saying “viruses and malware”. Software Scam

Technically MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer is scareware, but not necessarily malware. MaxMySpeed scares unsuspecting computer users by displaying fake computer issues and threats in order to get the computer user to purchase their software “license” for $39.99 a year. MaxMySpeed also collects private information simply by visiting their website. MaxMySpeed also allows third party links and does not claim responsibility for any issues provided through third party links… this is very common with adware and spyware (pictured below).

MaxMySpeed Malware and are also a very unpopular websites only achieving low amounts of traffic. This should always raise a red-flag when researching Antivirus, Anti-Malware, PC-Optimizers, and really any type of third party clients and software you wish to install on your computer. When an Antivirus software websites have low traffic (and no social media accounts, forums), this projects that they have small communities. Having a small community means the Antivirus software has a low sample rate. If Antivirus software has a low sample rate it is useless. *Most malware and virus variants will not be detected by MaxMySpeed’s fraudulent software.

MaxMySpeed Low Traffic

For example, realist malware-removal software Malwarebytes has a legitimate global rank of 7,000 (pictured below) opposed to only aquiring a global rank of 665,008 (above).

Malwarebytes Traffic Rank

Is MaxMySpeed a scam?

Yes, (Max My Speed PC Optimizer software) is a scam. Though if infected with real generic/outdated malware, they can technically remove it remotely, or via live tech suppport. Don’t think since they remove generic mawlare that their software is legitimate. MaxMySpeed will not resolve any common threats or progressions of new malware and virus variants. Once communication is established with US Tech Support, they will also state fraudulent claims such as the cliche statement “this is the most infected computer we have ever seen”. Please note these types of claims are fake. This dialogue is established only to scare you (the computer user) to require more services, or see their software as legitimate so they can continue to trace, track, and store private data and information.

To prove and the Max My Speed software is a scam I transmitted 2 seperate infections to 2 different PCs (detailed below) and installed the Max My Speed software to my primary and obviously clean computer system.

  1. First I infected 1 brand new computer with obvious Trojans under my control which were left undetected. Max My Speed did show over 3,000 issues which had nothing to do with any viruses, though it stated otherwise.
  2. Next I infected another system with ransomware (FBI Moneypak/Citadel Reveton), entered the system in safe mode with networking, downloaded the Max My Speed PC Optimizer software from and the Max My Speed software could not detect or repair the ransomware issue.
Do not feel bad if you fell for the Max My Speed scam, many people have. Check out this MaxMySpeed is a scam group page on Facebook (third party).

MaxMySpeed scam process

As stated before Max My Speed is similar to scareware. The process of using and their software is outlined below.

  • First the computer user downloads the free diagnosis software from called Max My Speed PC Optimizer software. This installs the MaxMySpeed.exe onto the system. This file is used to execute the install portion of the MaxMySpeed software.
MaxMySpeed Free Diagnosis Scam
  • When completed, MaxMySpeed will install Live PC Support/US Tech Support software and the MaxMySpeed program. Once a scan is performed using the MaxMySpeed Optimizer, the user interface will display fake malware/error warnings and will show a large amounts of “Issues found”. Please note after observation, these issues are all considered fake.
MaxMySpeed Us Tech Support Scam
  • MaxMySpeed even shows issues with NEW computers… Which they state is common (below). Please note the information provided on their website is false.
MaxMySpeed New Computer Scam

After observing what and their software detailed as a malicious (etc)  issue I noticed some of the alleged issues were simple images I had recently placed on my personal computer. For example an image of the NYSE charging bull.

Max My Speed Scam


In conclusion, and the Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software is a scam. and their software is similar to malware and can not be trusted. Avoid and Max My Speed PC Optimizer Software.

How to remove MaxMySpeed/USTechSupport tracks computer and internet users whom visit their website and use their products utilizing cookies and data which allow the use of “Unknown Accounts”  (Or ASP.NET users) to access computer files as well as installs a large load of files/framework on your system. Removing software and USTechSupport framework is essential in protecting your computer functionality and privacy.

How to remove MaxMySpeed/USTechSupport software

1. Access Window’s Uninstaller by navigating to Control Panel > Uninstall a program

Uninstall a Program

2. Find MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer from the list of installed programs, right click the icon and click uninstall (or highlight the program and click uninstall)

MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer Malware

3. Find USTechSupport Framework from the list of installed programs, right click the icon and click uninstall (or highlight the program and click uninstall)

US Tech Support Framework Malware

4. The USTechSupport Framework will prompt a confusing message (expected to trick computer users into keeping the US Tech Support Framework), click YES. 

US Tech Support Malware Uninstall Prompt

5. Finally remove the MaxMySpeed.exe file from your computer. This is the downloaded file used to initially install the software.

[Info]Once the program is removed, your internet browser may open a window directing to a website. Simply “X” out of the window and bypass the “are you sure you want to leave” alert (click yes). This may happen as a popup once your system reboots or upon opening a new internet browser window.[/Info]

How to remove & Cookies

A simple way to remove MaxMySpeed stored cookies is to delete your internet browsers cache files. You can do this in your internet browsers settings or preferences.

1. In Google Chrome, navigate to the settings wrench > History

Chrome Wrench History2. Next select “clear all browsing data”

Delete Chrome History
3. Finally check the necessary clear cache and history selections. You may check them all the be safe. Finally click clear browsing data.

Clear Browser Cache

Are you still having issues with MaxMySpeed? Click here to learn more about performing a system restore.

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Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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    I've received several calls from people with obvious Indian accents trying to get me to install PC Optimizer. Of course I didn't do it, but I did check up on the outfit. They are: Xportsoft Technologies Cabin NO 12-13, II Floor Chhabra Complex Gulati Market, Mahesh Nagar
Ambala Cantt Haryana 133001
India Tel. 0171-4000843