Rickstarr Ferragamo is the name of an amateur filmmaker and internet personality who claims to have won the Powerball. The Rickstarr Ferragamo Facebook page has various posts that claim the 23 year old won the Powerball. He claims that he will share $10,000 with 10 random people who share the image he posted. The image posted by Rickstarr Ferragamo is an edited image of the winning Powerball numbers. This fake information has also been published by a notorious satire publication who also have articles stating that Donald Trump bought every Powerball ticket number combination.

Rickstarr Ferragamo

Rickstarr Ferragamo did not win the Powerball. Rickstarr Ferragamo lives in New York according to his Facebook page and the ticket in the image clearly says “New York” above the Powerball logo. His posts also originate from New York. The winning Powerball tickets are from California, Tennessee, and Florida.

Do not be fooled by the Rickstarr Ferragamo Powerball scam. This has been fully researched as an internet hoax and Facebook like-farming scam. The Rickstarr Ferragamo is performing this misleading hoax in order to promote his Facebook page and acquire more likes. Satire web publications are also sharing this fake news in order to generate revenue via cost-per-click advertisements. The more visitors the website get, the more money they can generate.

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