How to remove PC Backup 360 (Virus Removal Guide)

PC Backup 360 (also known as PcBackup360) is very deceptive adware that is promoted as a free program you can use to backup the files on your computer. However, PC Backup 360 is not free to use at all. The bad thing about this is that if PC Backup 360 is installed on your computer it will backup the files on your computer to their remote servers with your request. But you cannot recover or control the backed-up files they take from your computer if needed until you purchase the software. The fact that the program is not free to use is not mentioned prior to allowing the program to scan your computer and acquire every file on it. This is a very deceptive and unethical marketing practice only user to aggressively obtain customers. To make matters worse, PC Backup 360 is advertisement supported and it will inject the webpages you visit online with pop-up and in-text advertisements. Additionally, it will show you pop-up advertisements on Windows desktop and various backup alerts, including a deceptive “critical warning” pop-up alert that says “your data is not protected. complete your online backup now.” The keyword being with the PC Backup 360 program is “deceptive” because everything about the program is basically designed to deceive you.

PC Backup 360

Another additional negative fact about the PC Backup 360 program is that it’s not easy to locate on your computer once it has been contracted. Instead of being able to click a PC Backup 360 icon to open the application and use the service it will only send you random pop-up notifications which you cannot disable. There is no executable file int he file folder either. This means that in order to use the PC Backup 360 program you will need to wait for it to display a pop-up message on your computer.

The PC Backup 360 program sent our test machine approximately 3 pop-up messages within a 5 minute window. The first PC Backup 360 message was a “reminder” that said “activate windows backup now.”


Once the PC Backup 360 program is installed it will show you various notifications. If you click one of the notifications the PC Backup 360 interface will appear. The interface will ask you to create a free backup account by handing over your full name and email address.

The program will then begin to scan your computer and backup all your files to a remote location. Once the backup is complete it will then tell you that the program cannot be used unless you activate it by purchasing a license to use their service.

According to the reports we receive most users are unaware that PC Backup 360 is installed on their computers until they receive a pop-up notification from it. The program, advertisements used to promote it, and third-party software bundlers used to promote it can use deceptive and confusing marketing tactics in order to trick users into installing it. The program can also automatically install in the background via a third-party bundler that does not disclose that the program will install beforehand. The blame for the unethical marketing practices used to initially promote PC Backup 360 cannot be entirely placed on the publisher.

Various security programs will detect and remove PC Backup 360. Most security programs, including Malwarebytes will detect this program as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or generic adware.

PC Backup 360 Details

Names PC Backup 360, PC Backup 360 virus, PCBackup360
Detection Categories AdwarePotentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Publisher’s Description N/A
Symptoms Advertisements in the web browser
Excessive notifications on Windows desktop
Browser redirects to sponsored webpages
Decreased internet speed and performance
Decreased computer functionality and performance
Bundles with malware and other potentially unwanted programs
Path C:\Program Files (x86)\PCBackup360
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How to remove PC Backup 360 (Virus Removal Guide)

  1. Scan your computer with Malwarebytes
  2. Scan your computer with HitmanPro
  3. Uninstall PC Backup 360 and unwanted programs
  4. Cleanup and repair settings with CCleaner

1. Scan your computer with Malwarebytes

1. Download and Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.

2. Open Malwarebytes and click the Scan Now button – or go to the Scan tab and click the Start Scan button.

3. Once the Malwarebytes scan is complete click the Remove Selected button.

4. To finish the Malwarebytes scan and remove detected threats click the Finish button and restart your computer if promoted to do so.

2. Scan your computer with HitmanPro

1. Download and Install HitmanPro by Surfright.

2. Open HitmanPro and click Next to start scanning your computer. *If you are using the free version you may chose to create a copy or perform a one-time scan.

3. Once the HitmanPro scan is complete click the Next button.

4. To activate the free version of HitmanPro: enter your email address twice and click the Activate button.

5. Click the Reboot button.

3. Uninstall PC Backup 360 and unwanted programs

1. Open Windows Start Menu and go to the Control Panel.

2. In the Programs section click Uninstall a program. In earlier versions of Windows this is listed as “Add and remove programs.”

3. Search for PC Backup 360 in the list of installed programs and double click it to initiate the manual uninstall process. If you cannot find the program it is because it was initially removed by Malwarebytes in step 1. However, this program may bundle with third-party objects which may remain on your computer. If you find a suspicious program on your computer it is recommended to investigate it and uninstall it.

4. Cleanup and repair settings with CCleaner

1. Download and Install CCleaner by Piriform.

2. Open CCleaner and go to the main Cleaner screen. Click the Analyze button. When the process is complete, click the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right of the program interface.

3. Go to Tools > Startup and search for suspicious entries in each tab starting from Windows all the way to Content Menu. If you find anything suspicious click it and click the Delete button to remove it.

4. Go to the Registry window and click the Scan for Issues button. When the scan is complete click the Fix selected issues… button and click Fix All Selected Issues.

  • themacprofessor

    Use the power button to force close the computer.
    Hold it down for a few seconds to make sure that it is off..
    Put together a plan because you will or may not get much time to remove Pc backup 360
    Now restart the computer and get busy go into the Apps or Programs and try to uninstall backup360

    YOu may get stopped again with the unremovable scree. SO, do it agian.
    get trying their are a couple of other things
    run the malwarebytes program. )We had a brand new computer recently that Malware found 281 things.) on the first run. Run it at leasttwice.
    There are several programs attached to this program and once you succesffully remove BAckup360 you will notice that a few of the others have been installed.I have been doing this type of program for years and they are a Pain in the B^^t but believe me then is almost no other way out outside of reinstalling your operating system

  • I still can’t get windows pcbackup 360 off of my computer. I can’t close it out or remove it through the ;uninstall program. Any advice?