How to remove PC Backup 360 (Virus Removal Guide)

Sean Doyle

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  1. themacprofessor says:

    Use the power button to force close the computer.
    Hold it down for a few seconds to make sure that it is off..
    Put together a plan because you will or may not get much time to remove Pc backup 360
    Now restart the computer and get busy go into the Apps or Programs and try to uninstall backup360

    YOu may get stopped again with the unremovable scree. SO, do it agian.
    get trying their are a couple of other things
    run the malwarebytes program. )We had a brand new computer recently that Malware found 281 things.) on the first run. Run it at leasttwice.
    There are several programs attached to this program and once you succesffully remove BAckup360 you will notice that a few of the others have been installed.I have been doing this type of program for years and they are a Pain in the B^^t but believe me then is almost no other way out outside of reinstalling your operating system

  2. anne venier says:

    I still can’t get windows pcbackup 360 off of my computer. I can’t close it out or remove it through the ;uninstall program. Any advice?

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