How to remove the Linkey virus (Removal Guide)

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  1. Rose says:

    thank you so much ! i was able to follow the simple direction and take out the virus.

  2. Alex says:

    Thank you for the help. I work in financial services and linkey was interfering with the internet portal I have to put work through, but I was able to get rid of it. Very helpful.

  3. tantba says:

    It wont uninstall!!!!!!!!!!! it just says: “error in the program”

    • Sean Doyle says:

      Go to C: > Program Files and look for the appropriate folder such as Aztec Media, Linkey, etc.

      In the folder, locate the uninstall.exe file and click it to uninstall the program.

      You can also try the free versions of Malwarebytes or CCleaner to remove this adware.

  4. Anonymous says:

    thank you

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