How to remove Privoxy (Virus Removal Guide)

Sean Doyle

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  1. Gaston says:

    Solved for me as well!
    In Task Scheduler I found one malious task, Anti Virus Service. That is not an original Microsoft Task. Stopped and deleted that service, and I found in C:\program files also two folders that are not originally installed by Microsoft. Those 2 folders were c:\program files\Anti Virus Services and c:\program files\system protector. Deleted both folders, and restarted the service in the Task Manager and the system cannot find the path anymore, so now is the virus deleted!

    Thanks for your advice.

  2. johnwerneken says:

    Found It! THANK YOU!

    On offending partition now.
    Went Start > control panel > administrative tools > task scheduler; 111 tasks

    Opera and Privoxy (aka “Jelbruss Secure WEb”, heck of a name for malware)

    Deleted both.

    Need three or so re-boots to feel sure, but I think it’s gone.

  3. john werneken says:

    Definitely malware. one of my partitions re-aquires it routinely but not on the majortity of boots. install agent, something similar to ‘install agent user broker’, then opera, then privoxy, then some other nuisance, of which here are the properties of one: “Aperiam ducimus nesciunt veniam aut.


    borer, schuster and greenholt
    version of 3/30/16
    707 kb”

    it’s not that hard to kill – stop task, remove files – but it sure is a pita.

    i cant find anything in regedit. I’ve never used ‘scheduled tassks’, perhaps looking there will help.

    i sure wish windows defender killed this SOB but it does not.

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