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What is is a malicious phishing website used to infect computer systems with unwanted software, including malware, and collect personal data. primarily conducts Macromedia Flash Player and Flash Player Pro internet scams by displaying popup alert windows that state WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to continue, in attempt to persuade unsuspecting internet users to click malicious links. Phshing Website

If you notice these fraudulent Flash Player notifications from, it does not mean that your computer system has been affected by malware. The Flash Player pop-ups may appear on a variety of websites that display media-related advertisements. is not safe

  • is a phishing website that may install malware to a computer system or attempt to collect personal data.
  • uses social engineering to appear as a legitimate Flash Player and website in order to scam victims into clicking malicious links or providing important information. Flash Player Pro Phishing Website displays a pop-up notifications and windows while users are browsing the internet. Pop-up windows may appear while browsing legitimate websites or websites associated with media sharing and pirated files. The initial pop-up notification (pictured below) is likely a small window that says “WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date. Please update to continue” and may makes it difficult to leave the website, often urging visitors to click OK before they attempt to leave the page.

WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date Pop-up Scam

The Flash Player phishing website then displays a website that appears like a legitimate Flash Player or Flash Player Pro brand in order to get unsuspecting victims to click Install or Remind me later, etc., which in reality are malicious links.

Update91 Fake Download Flash Player Pro

How to deal with

  • To avoid pop-ups stay clear from websites that host media files. It has also been noted that most Advertisement blocking browser attachments can not stop pop-up advertisements and windows from occurring.
  • If you suspect your computer may be infected with malware, it is recommended to run a full system scan with reputable Antivirus or Anti-Malware software.
  • keliadee

    Just an FYI–I was getting this pop up everyday, sometimes multiple pop ups of it. I finally figured out that my roommate had downloaded the “unfriend” app from facebook. It is suppose to tell you who has unfriended you. I uninstalled that app and low and behold no more pop ups or weird redirects from google.

  • bob sones

    I keep getting a VERY PERSISTENT and intrusive “WARNING Your Flash Player may be out of date Please update to continue” from “ (edited by post author)”.
    i think they are “phishing”.

    • Thank you, for sake of readers the URL has been edited. The site you have mentioned will be reported.

      • i’ve tracked it back to ireland here’s the report but it is listed as i started with a whois search and was lead to this IP address: then i did a ” view page source” which i found as the first url leads to something concerning apache. then i tried lead to an error page nothing of use there. next i tried there i found once again leading me to an error page. i thought i was stuck and at a dead end then i tried just “d1cebafy1ctaaq” i got 1 web site return with that info and its the report i posted above hope that this helps some.

        • after double checking my search results i found that my search for “d1cebafy1ctaaq” no longer works but on checking some of the other sites on the report i was able to find out that 2 of the irish sites listed share 2 common address 1 in ireland and 1 in seattle the shares both the same ireland address and seattle one. to with it is the only on to provide a phone number and a email.

          • “d1cebafy1ctaaq” does work i was using hte wrong search engine use google to get the website for the report

    • Dave

      For all users using Google Chrome, the best way to avoid this issue is by installing Adblock app on Google Chrome Web Browser here is the link