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94ipad.com scam

Phishing Website: 94ipad.com – Facebook Scam “My New Apple iPad 3”

What is 94ipad.com (http://www.94ipad.com)?

94ipad.com (www.94ipad.com.com) is a phishing website used in free Apple iPad Facebook scams. 94ipad.com, alike 877ipad.com, 87ipad.com, 46ipad.com. and many others attempt to trick Facebook users into believing they can receive a free iPad 3 via mail if they visit www.94ipad.com stating that an online store is apparently “messing up,” therefor the online shop has an “e-glitch” in their system where customers are receiving free iPad 3s. Please note, this is a very common Facebook scam, no one has ever actually reported that they received a free iPad via mail. This technique is orchestrated in order to collect (phish) sensitive information, such as an individuals home address and payment information that is manually inputted by unsuspecting victims.

94ipad.com scam

The 94ipad.com is essentially considered a Facebook tag-jacking scam that has an association to common offer and survey scams. You may have noticed a friend post an image stating they can receive a free ipad 3 by visiting 94ipad.com and the Facebook post, with multiple friends tagged to the post. This is because they may have fallen victim to the free ipad 3 scam or their Facebook profile is simply compromised.

As rule of thumb, it is never recommended to visit websites that provide their URL addresses in images (ones you have to manually type). Bad websites often promote their website’s address in images because Facebook can easily detect common-spammy-type links and phrases… Facebook simply will not let anyone post “spammy” links.

Furthermore, the 94ipad.com scam website may contain links that initiate the unauthorized installment of malware to the computer system including adware, browser hijackers, spyware, and trojan horses.

94ipad.com is not safe

94ipad.com is a phishing website used in very common Facebook scams, including tag-jacking scams and survey-scams.

94ipad.com may attempt to appear like a legitimate store or Facebook page promising to give away free ipad 3s (electronic goods).

46ipad.com scam

To learn more about the ipad 3 survey scam, please visit a recent article concerning similar phishing website 877ipad.com.

How to deal with the 46ipad.com: E Store Glitch “My new Apple iPad”

  • If you have noticed a friend’s account posting about the fake ipad 3 scam in your news feed, do not click any links. Your Facebook friend may have been tricked into believing the free ipad 3 scam is legitimate, or their Facebook account may have become compromised without their consent. It is common courtesy to let your friend(s) know about it by leaving a comment on the free ipad post, but please be kind to those who have fallen to common Facebook scams.
  • If you have fallen for the free ipad 3 Facebook scam, it is important to change your Facebook account password and let your Facebook friends know in order to stop this scam and associated malware from spreading. You can even change your Facebook email account used to login. A recommendation is to publish a post to your friends on your Facebook account, notifying them your account may have been compromised and not to click any suspicious links that your account may post.
  • If you suspect your computer is infected with malware associated to the Facebook ipad 3 scam, perform a full system scan using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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