Phishing Website:

What is (

It has been documented that the domain name ( and associated domain names listed on the same A records are used in the spread of dangerous malware.

The domain may attempt to spread malware and viruses including hijackers, spyware, ransomware, and Trojans by participating in comment spam across various websites.

phishing website scam malware

Spam comment example:



癸巳年(蛇)二月廿五 2013-4-5


8000 sets of mass software, twenty thousand teacher lectures, free life under.

The Introduction royalty two yuan, eight off the assembly line, infinite stamina, Kuangzhuan.

Kimi (snake) February 25 2013-4-5 is not safe

If you suspect you infected with malware, it is recommended to scan your computer using reputable Anti-Malware software.

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