Who is telephone number 864-897-9653?

Telephone number (864) 897-9653 is a phone number located in South Carolina (USA) that is involved in dangerous Craigslist scams and PayPal scams. The telephone number 864-897-9653 is associated with Craigslist’s scams that involve the fraudulent purchase of electronic goods, including cameras, computers, and cell phones. The telephone number 864-897-9653 is used in Craigslist’s scams where the sender attempts to purchase a legitimate Craigslists item from a legitimate seller overseas by use of PayPal services, but does not actually send the seller money in exchange for the item. This is a very common scam, as most Craigslist listing will prompt these types of scams.

How does the 864-897-9653 Craigslist scam work?

Just like other similar Craigslist scams, criminals behind the telephone number 864-897-9653 will engage in social engineering and pose as individuals seeking to purchase an item listed on Craigslist.

The criminals send the legitimate Craigslist seller a text message stating they would like to purchase a particular item via PayPal services and will include an additional amount of money to ship the item. Sometimes asking to ship the item across the United States or to African and European countries. The sender also asks for the seller’s PayPal account and may state that the user can visit paypal.com to create one. Sometimes the scammers may claim to be purchasing an item for a family member overseas.

The callers from 864-897-9653 do not actually make a payment, but may claim to make a payment and may also send fake confirmation emails from PayPal and Craigslist to the Craigslist seller. The fake PayPal email sent by 864-897-9653 may or may not appear realistic. In our case-study it was obvious that the email sent by 864-897-9653 in attempt to appear like a legitimate PayPal service email was fake.

The fake PayPal email may also contain information stating “PLEASE NOTE: FOR ANY COMPLAINS ON THE TRANSACTION CONTACT THE PAYPAL CUSTOMER-CARE CENTER: confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com  TO CONFIRM BEFORE YOU SHIP OUT THE ITEM TO THE VERIFIED ADDRESS GIVING BELOW” in order to keep victims of this scam to properly report the same to PayPal.

How to deal with the (864) 897-9653 Craigslist scam

Avoid from sharing personal information with criminals behind phone number 864-897-9653, including your name, and address, as this information can be collected and used without authorization if the primary objective of the scam is not successful.

If you fell victim to the 864-897-9653 Craigslist scam, please report the incident to Craigslist, PayPal, and your local law enforcement office. You may even report the incident to the FBi tips page or file a complaint with the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center).

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