Adware: How To Remove Kangobox And W3i’s InstallIQUpdater

Kangobox adds pop up advertisements to unsuspected victims or people whom submit to their .com services and is parented by PinBall Corporation. Kangobox may also be found under the alias “click potato”.

The advertisments often apear with a small red box in the bottom right corner of  your computer screen.

InstallIQUpdater (InstallIQUpdater.exe) is a program which may install itself to your computer in a directory folder without your consent.W3i is used to update adware, malware, and spyware which might already be infecting your computer prior, as primarily being built to track, record, and send information to 3rd party servers (like a Trojan). It is produced by W3i and operates similar to Text Enhance.

How To Remove InstallIQUpdater by W3i

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  • Search for InstallIQUpdater on your computer either by using Windows Uninstaller found under Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a program>InstallIQUpdater
  •  by using the internal search most commonly found in the start menu and all windows explorer windows
  • or go directly to C:>Program files>W3i and delete the entire folder manually.

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After Removing InstallIqUpdater

After removing InstallIqUpdater it is recommended to dump temporary cookies and caches, which can be found in your internet browser’s options or preferences. Information and malicious executable files can be stored within cookie files.

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