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eFax Corporate Spam Email Warning

Malware Phishing Alert – Fake Email Posing as eFax Corporate Message

Fake eFax Corporate Email Messages Contain Malware & Viruses

Warning, malicious emails have been surfacing disguised as eFax Corporate that contain links to malicious content such as malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, and more and/or contain malicious attachments.

eFax Corporate Spam Email Warning

If you have received suspicious email from eFax Corporate stating you have a Coporate eFax Message from an unknown telephone number, DO NOT open the email, DELETE it immediately. 

What to look out for

Spam emails being sent by cyber criminals posing as the legitimate, but deceptive eFax Corporate company (that let’s users send and receive fax via email) may contain suspicious subject lines from unknown telephone numbers. For example, the email subject in the image below is Coprporate eFax message from “644-835-5445.” if you have received a similar email message, delete it right away!

Corproate eFax message from 664 835 5545 Email

The links provided in the email are not linked to eFax Corporate websites, clicking a link may directly download malware to your computer or direct you to unwanted websites (including DBDloads), that either promote click through via CPC or contain malware.

Fake EFaxCorporate Email Spam

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