Telephone Phishing Report: (975) 929-5680

Today we received a report about the phone number 975 929-5680 being linked to malware, in particular the FBI virus. The victim states he received a suspicious phone call from 975-929-5680 prior to becoming infected with the ransomware infection. The caller was making an attempt to access the victim’s computer remotely  stating the computer is infected with malware, viruses, and/or Trojans and needed to be fixed. The victim did not state if the caller made an attempt to state they were with a legitimate company or service such as Microsoft (a common phishing scam in attempt to allow remote access).

After becoming infected with malware, the victim then received another call from 975 929-5680. The caller of the telephone again wanted to make remote connection to the computer in order to “fix” it.


This is a common telephone phishing scam utilized in attempt to gain remote access of a computer system. If you allow such criminals to gain access of your system via remote access you and your computer are at risk of being a victim to severe cyber criminal activity involving credit theft and identity theft.

If you receive a phone call from (975) 929-5680, do not answer it.


If you have any information reguarding 975 929-5680  please share in comments below.

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