It’s A Scam. You Won’t Win A Free RV On Facebook By Liking Posts

Like-framing scams and advance fee fraud are nothing new to Facebook. Every day new scams and fake Facebook pages are created in hopes to gather likes and potentially trick Facebook users into believing they won something they really didn’t. Scammers will persuade Facebook users to believe they won something such as cash, cars, electronics, tickets to theme parks, and RVs in order to then message them and ask for an advanced payment to receive the reward. This is called advanced fee fraud and it happens on Facebook all the time.

rv give away scam

One of the most common scams on Facebook are RV giveaway scams. This type of scam never seems to fade away. A malicious Facebook page will usually masquerade as a real person or RV dealership. The page will publish several posts and images that claim they are giving away free RVs and Facebook users who share, like, and comment on the post will be entered in a chance to take one home. In reality, you won’t win anything.

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Here’s an example of what a post might look like:

We have got 15 Van RV that can’t be sold because are old models. Therefor we are giving them away for free. Want one of them? Just SHARE this photo & LIKE Our Page and we will choose 15 people completely at random on June 10th! as your Day gift!

Comment : DONE

Once a Facebook user shares the post, likes the post, and comments on the post they become a target. The scammers will then contact them and tell them that they won a prize and in order to receive the prize they must pay a fee (for shipping or other reason). Once the fee is paid the scammer will then avoid the target and the target will be left with a hole in their pocket. This is how advanced fee fraud is orchestrated on the social network every day.

What to do if you fell for a scam

Do not share or like the post. This only promotes it to more people which is how these scams are usually spread in the first place. If you did, visit your activity and unlike the post.

If you completed online surveys associated there is not much that you can do. However, if you supplied your personal banking or credit information to a survey it is strongly suggested to contact your bank or credit institution for assistance.

If you sent an advanced payment in order to receive a prize contact your bank or credit card and file a claim against the transaction. Explain to your bank or the credit card company what happened in order to receive assistance for the matter.

If you used an online payment service to make an advanced payment contact them and let them know what happened. It is possible that you will be able to receive your money back from them.

Furthermore, terminate all association with the Facebook page. Unlike the Facebook page, report the Facebook page, tell friends that you might have tagged about the scam, and even change your Facebook password for safe measure.

Sean Doyle

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