How to add iframe busters to your website’s server (List of all iframe buster files)

What are iframe busters – stub files?

Iframe busters or stub files are commonly utilized by third-party vendors in conjunction with Flash creatives such as media rich advertisements that are served within an ad slot implemented in an iframe. You may have noticed visitors to your website visit a page on your website that does not exist ending in /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html, /doubleclick/DARTIframe.html, /atlas/atlas_rm.htm, and many others. These pages often results in a 404 error.

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If this is the case, you may need to upload an “iframe buster” into the root of your website’s server at the following location: Iframe busters or stub files are provided by 3rd-party ad servers and media creative vendors.

Adding iframe busters to your website

To add iframe busters to your website, please follow the instructions below. Please note, it is not a necessity to add iframe busters to your website if you notice visitors error on the a page that does not exist. The only issues that rarely arise from 404 errors concern websites that display CPC advertisements on the 404 page, as this can results in multiple loops if this errors consist in excessive amounts.

1. According to the particular errored page such as /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html, /doubleclick/DARTIframe.html, and many others, download an iframe buster file listed further below and save it to your computer.


2. Next, access your website’s server to the following root location:

3. Create a new directory folder exactly like the title of the vendor. An example is (or /eyeblaster) if your visitors are erroring on or redirecting to /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html.

all iframe buster files

4. Finally, upload the correct iframe buster file inside the new directory folder. To ensure that the iframe buster file was successfully uploaded to your website visit the page. The page should appear blank.

List of all iframe buster files

Below is the list of all iframes busters collected by Advertisement serving and rich-media vendors. To save a file, right click the link and select “Save target as” or another save option. Please note, the list may need to be updated. If this is the case please see the specific vendor.

Vendoriframe buster files

AdCentric ifr_b.html
AdInterax adx-iframe-v2.html
Atas atlas_rm.htm
DoubleClick DARTIframe.html
EyeBlaster addineyeV2.html
EyeReturn eyereturn.html
EyeWonder interim.html
Klipmart km_ss.html
PointRoll PointRollAds.htm
SmartAdserver iframeout.html
Unicast unicastIFD.html, UnicastIframe.html
Viewpoint vwpt.html