How to stop getting junk mail from RedPlum

RedPlum junk mailRedPlum junk mail comes to your door in 2 different forms. There is a RedPlum mail package that sends magazines and coupons to your door and a generic RedPlum coupon book package. Mail from this service can be obnoxious and some people complain that it is even hazardous to the Earth. After all, a majority of recipients who have received junk mail from RedPlum primarily toss the coupons into the trash.

Coupons expire, and once a coupon expires some people feel that they are left with a meaningless pieces of paper. Therefore, to many RedPlum is consciously wasting Earth’s natural resources.

Whatever the reason you have to remove yourself from the RedPlum mailing list, it is probably a valuable one.

To remove yourself from the RedPlum mailing list in order to stop receiving junk mail from RedPlum please follow 1 of the 2 options (or both) listed below.

  • Removing your address can take 5-6 weeks. RedPlum claims their packages are printed and addressed 5-6 weeks in advance of the mailing date; However they are not yet mailed, so you should be able to get them to comply with your removal request.

Email RedPlum

Email RedPlum at Provide them with your home address, demand that they stop sending mail to your address, and let them know they can not use your information without your expressed written consent.

An example email would be:

I demand that you immediately stop sending mail to my address listed below. You do not have permission to send messages to my email address or use my information without my expressed written consent.
123 Seaseme Street
Gotham City, NewYork 91210

You can even take it a step further and let them know you want to be removed sooner than 5-6 weeks. Some users even threaten a complaint in federal court for harassment if the company does not comply with the removal request.

Visit the RedPlum removal request page

1. Visit the offocial website’s postal add/remove page at and let them know you no longer wish to receive the direct mail package.

remove address from redplum mailing list

2. RedPlum will ask for your full name, street address, state, and zip code. Avoid from leaving your telephone number and email address.

stop redplum junk mail

3. At the bottom of the page under the Accept Agreement drop-down list select NO and click the SUBMIT REQUEST button.