What is the UK Police virus (United Kingdom Police virus)?

The UK Police virus, also referred to as the United Kingdom Police virus, or Police Central e-crime Unit virus, is malware categorized as ransomware that illegitimately disguises as the United Kingdom Police (UK Police) and blocks access to the infected computer system using a full screen page, which alleges the PC is blocked due to violating Copyright and related laws (infringing Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Great Britain , viewing or distributing prohibited pornography (including child Porn/Zoophillia article 202), and other laws, including simple computer negligence. Cyber criminals utilizing the UK Police virus and ransomware in general use this tactic of unethical social engineering to persuade unsuspecting victims to pay a minimum fine between 200€ and 500€ using Ukash or Paysafecard credit voucher services.

UK Police Virus

Paying the fine on the fake UK Police page is not suggested and will not remove the virus. In fact, paying the fine using Ukash or Paysafecard services may initiate the ransomware to further it’s progression which may include additional installment of undetected malware, such as keyloggers and Trojans used to collect sensitive information such as browser activity, browser history, stored information, credit card numbers, identification numbers, and more.

Please note, you are not in trouble with the United Kingdom police. This is a computer virus, and removing the UK Police virus will allow you to unlock and access your computer system without repercussions.

How does the UK virus infect computer systems?

The United Kingdom Police virus, or simply UK virus can infect computers using a variety of tactics from a mixed amount of locations, including websites that host malware, freeware, shareware, torrents, media files, and codecs. The UK Police virus often infects computers via phishing schemes that may include email spam, telephone phishing (caller claims to be legitimate and attempts to make remote connection to PC), and even social media scams.

  • The UK Police virus uses generic and ransomlock Trojans to attach to a computer system, likely without detection.
  • The UK Police virus displays a fake full screen page or window restricting access to the computer system, claiming the computer is blocked due to at least one of the reasons below (entire message detailed below):

ATTENTION! Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below.

You have been violating “Copyright and Related Law” (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, thus infringing Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Great Britain.

Article 128 of the Criminal Code provides a fine of 200 to 500 minimal wages or a deprivation of liberty for 2 to 8 years.

You have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content (Child Porn/Zoophillia and etc.). This violating article 202 of the Criminal Code of Great Britain.

Article 202 of the Criminal Code provides for a deprivation of liberty for 4 to 12 years.

  • The UK Police virus uses social engineering to cause anxiety, shock, or fright in order to persuade unsuspecting victims to pay an unnecessary fine.
  • The UK Police virus may destroy a computer systems complete functionality and is capable of causing hardware failure. Cyber criminals utilizing malicious techniques and Trojans have the ability to take complete control of computer infected with the United Kingdom virus.

  How to remove The Firewall of The UK Police virus Green Arrow Bullet

  1. UK Police Virus Removal Software And Tools – Scan for and remove malware
  2. System Restore – Restore computer to a date before UK police ransomware infection

1. UK Police Virus Removal Software and Tools

The most recommended software to remove ransomware including The UK Police virus is Malwarebytes.

Remove FBI Virus
1. Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Perform Full Scan

2. Update Malwarebytes and run a Full System Scan by filling in the the Perform full scan radio option and clicking the Scan button.

Malwarebytes is notorious for removing ransomware and will automatically remove the UK Police virus and associated malware once a scan is complete. If you do not wish to remove the United Kingdom Police virus using software, proceed to other steps below.

2. System Restore

System Restore is an easy solution to restore an infected computer to a date and time before the computer became infected with malware. Window’s automatically creates new restore points each week and after updates and new software installs.

Windows Recommended Restore And Choose A Restore Point

United Kingdom Police virus Removal Tips (Troubleshoot)

There are a few steps that may help bypass the UK Police ransomware infection or the infection cause it to improperly perform as it was intended to.

  1. Log In As A Different User – Login to Windows as a different user with administrative rights and perform a scan with reputable software or delete the infected account.
  2. Deny Flash – Some ransomware, such as the similar FBI virus use flash and can be suspended by denying flash using Macromedia’s real-time options. To learn more and deny flash please visit: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help09.html
Internet/Network Connectivity Issues

Safe Mode With Networking can be used to access the Internet for updates, drivers, removal software, or other files if internet and network connectivity is compromised.

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