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The redirection virus has infected many victims by altering (hijacking) browser helper objects in order to perform malicious activities such as gather information, trace internet usage, and utilize adware platforms. The Totalrecipesearch virus affects Home Page settings and Provided Search Engine settings, in turn causing infected internet browsers to direct to or related websites (such as Mindspark’s Myway and Mywebsearch) upon start up as well as redirecting internet searches and URLs inputted into the browser address bar to Totalrecipesearch websites. seems like a legitimate, realistic website and service where users can easily search for recipes but is not. is a browser hijacker used to assist adware and spyware platforms. Virus

The search results shown by are not realistic, they are linked to documented spam sites and adware. search results may lead to further infections.

If has hijacked your internet browser, detect the infection and remove it to protect your personal life and computer functionality. The virus can be used to trace, track, and distribute victim information such as location and online activity. Associated Trojan horses may take control of the computer system and block the user from accessing the desktop alike Ransom lock Trojans and the FBI virus. The virus may also install rogue software onto your system. Victims often notice they have been infected by Total Recipe Search when the Totalrecipesearch Toolbar appears on their web browser (pictured below).

TotalRecipeSearch Toolbar Virus

Why Is My Browser Redirecting To

If your internet browser is affected by without consent you are infected by malware, viruses, and/or Trojans.

The infection may have been contracted by downloading freeware, shareware, and rogue software. Often the Totalrecipesearch redirection virus occurs alongside third party infections. is also known to install with botched version of PC games such as World of Warcraft.

How To Remove The Total Recipe Search Virus

Removing the infection may be difficult due to not having properly detected what has infected your system in the first place. If anything, the infection can be bypassed by following the instructions and guidelines described below.

  • You may also perform a system restore to a automatic restore point created by Windows to a date and time before infection.

Manual Removal

1. Find and stop TotalRecipeSearch running processes in the task manager.

[random name].exe

2. All TotalRecipeSearch associated files listed below need to be removed:

%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\[random]

3.The related registry entries of TotalRecipeSearch to be deleted as listed below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\[random]
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[random]

Uninstall Mindspark And Totalrecipesearch

The virus is commonly associated with a few applications: Mindspark, Totalrecipesearch, Filmfanatic, Guffins, and Weatherblink though other unwanted applications may be present.

We are going to access Window’s Uninstaller in order to remove these malicious programs. If they are not present, do not be alarmed, there may be another third party app. Search for any suspicious program on your computer and remove them.

Sometimes internet browser settings (home page, search) can not be changed back to normal unless the program is removed.

1. Access Window’s Uninstaller by navigating to Window’s Start Menu and selecting Control Panel

2. Click “Uninstall a program” or “Add and remove programs” depending on your OS.

3. In the list of installed programs search for Mindspark applications and Totalrecipesearch applications. Once found double click them to uninstall the unwanted programs. You can also highlight these programs and click the Uninstall button, or right click > Uninstall.

Delete Totalrecipesearch Toolbar And Mindspark Toolbar Extensions

Google Chrome

1. Click on the wrench or 3 bar icon at the top right of your Chrome browser

2. Select Tools and click Extensions

3. From the list of installed Extensions, find the Toolbars affecting your system and click the trash can next to their description to remove them (example Television Fanatic, Totalrecipeseach Toolbar, Mindspark Toolbar)

4. Close your browser completely and reopen it. The toolbar extension should be removed from your Chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Select Tools on the browser menu and select Add-ons from the dropdown menu. If the menu bar is hidden, click on the orange “Firefox” button at the top left of your browser and select “Add-ons” from the menu.

2. If not already there, click on “Extensions” located on the left margin of the page.

3. Find ” (version #)” from the list of extensions and click the “Remove” button located next to it.

4. Restart Firefox.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. On the top menu click Tools and select Manage add-ons

2. Under the Toolbars and Extensions tab find any suspicious extension disable and remove it.

Apple Safari

1. At the top of your browser select Safari from the menu bar.

2. Select Preferences from the dropdown menu.

3. Click on the Extensions tab.

4. Highlight the extension (for example televisionfanatic, dailybibleguide, etc).

5. Click the Uninstall button.

Repair Home Page (Fix Browser Start Up)

Google Chrome

1. Click the 3 bar options icon or wrench icon and click Settings.

2. Under the “On start up” section click the Set pages link.

3. Remove and/or other unwanted websites by clicking the X.

Remove Total Recipe Search Home Page Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Options.

2. In the General tab where it says “Home page” in the Start Up section remove and/or other unwanted websites and type your preferred webpage (,,

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Internet Options.

2. In the “Home Page” query remove and/or other unwanted websites and type your preferred home page (,, or select default or blank.

Repair Provided Search Engines (Stop Redirections)

Google Chrome

1. Click the 3 bar or wrench settings icon and select Settings.

2. In the Search section select the Manage search engines… button.

3. Remove and/or related search engines by selecting the X next to the URL upon clicking on and highlighting the website(s).

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the small search arrow or magnify glass near the search bar at the top of the internet browser.

2. Select Manage search engines…

3. Highlight and/or related search engines and click remove. The search engine may be a default search engine or listed under “Other search engines”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. Navigate to the Search Providers list.

3. Search for and/or related search engines and click the Remove button (at least disable).

Delete Cache And Cookies (Precaution)

When infected by a browser hijacker causing redirections it is always recommended to delete your internet browser cache and cookie files for safe measure. These websites may store cookies on your system which in turn are used to trace and track your internet activity and/or location. Your browser cache and cookie files can be deleted in your browser’s preference  or settings options.


Check Your System For Malware

Use a free or paid version of recommended software. This software is downloaded from the manufacturer’s secure server.

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