How to remove Reimage (Removal Instructions)

Sean Doyle

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  1. george says:

    how can i delete reimage crash orogram is getting to be a pain in the ass when the icon or program pops out in my screen saying i have a malaware to delete i have webroot i don;t need this vomit ad thanks

  2. Robert taite says:

    I dont want to be involved in any way with reimage ok so leave my computer

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks for your article, every time I turned on my laptop I got a message saying REIMAGE had found malware on my system even though I had deleted Reimage.
    I used MALWAREBYTES to scan my computer and it found 526 REIMAGE PUP MALWARE, which it removed.
    Thanks again.

  4. shirley hoyt says:

    please remove Knctr.exe from my system. thank you,

  5. Anonymous says:

    reimage block out real things like spybot. i claied to fins a virus, but no other programme did

  6. ken adamson says:

    I cannot find reimage nowhere on control panel downloads or apps so how do I delete it

    • Debi says:

      I had to go to the tools section and delete the extensions. I also looked twice to the uninstall programs area. found it. Warning, they are kind of tricky, when I clicked “uninstall” a advertisement came up . I waited a few seconds and the program asked why I wanted to leave, then it “uninstalled” be patient and wait for it to uninstall on the page that is an advertisement, it looks like you have to push another button when you do not want another product of theres..but you do not, it takes a couple minutes but it will eventually ask you questions, fill in the blanks or click skip. then it will uninstall

  7. summer says:

    I downloaded this and it is such a scam. Please do not download this program.

  8. Murray says:

    Thanks I have been so annoyed to the level I don’t use chrome

  9. Thank god (and your good selves!) it's gone at last. says:

    I don’t know how they get away with it!

  10. Mark says:

    Unfortunately I was in a hurry and I downloaded and installed Reimage. It is more than a PUP its a MUDAP – Most Unwanted and Damaging Program. It corrupted my W7 which I had to have installed again. Besides paying them money I also had to pay the tech. Hands OFF! If I only had read this article before!

  11. Sam k says:

    How do I get rid of the pop ups? Every time I try to pull up a new page, the reimage website will also pull up. How do I get rid of this?


    This is on my mac as well.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Stephen says:

    Thanks for this, I am trying the cure now. Worth noting that I picked up the disease while updating CCleaner on the Filehippo site, thanks to some deliberately misleading graphics.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:


  16. gonzalo garcia castro says:

    My Credit Card XXXXXXXX was debited three times on
    6/22 in the ammount of 34.64 ea., Authoriz.Codes XXXX and
    XXXXX. I eliminated the program from my computer as could not load it.


  17. Lauren says:

    This was really helpful. I was having such a hard time trying to uninstall reimage before I found this page.

  18. SHIRLEY says:

    I “fell” for the reimage scam! I was getting pop-ups like crazy for some reason, could not access web pages. That is when I installed reimage and of course, had to call and the tech tried talking me into paying a “tech”. I followed your instructions and on my Internet Explorer, the pop-ups are there (freee2you, saleprizes, etc. show enabled and the “disable” button is not highlighted! Guess I will have to get someone who knows more than me to fix this!! Anyway, thanks for helping get the reimage junk off.

  19. Lars Wetterling says:

    I was foolish enough to pay for Reimage Repair prorgram .
    Now they have the number of my visa card .
    What happens now ?
    Can they get more money from my visa card even after I have got rid of the malware ?

    • Marlowe says:

      The best thing to do is call your Bank and ask for reissuance of another visa card and you will get it with another number. If you are with Bank of America, you will get your new visa in 3 to 5 days.

  20. de geyter deroo says:

    licentie betaald niet te gebruiken altijd antwoord licentienr° niet ok

  21. TP says:

    Thank you for this article….i saw it pop up and i was like…” This cannot be real” so i decided to do some research and came across your article. Appreciate!

  22. panonski says:

    I just finished repairing my computer from force shutdowns ( damaged registry I guess ) and in addition to try some other programs ( I was using Malware bytes and after that, I fixed registry with “Reg First aid” ( paid vers – platinium) I looked up on internet and started to read some reviews.
    I was already download this ! Cause I’ve seen this “fake reviews” how good this program is.

    Because I was naturally very curioused, I’ve read this to ! THANK YOU !

  23. THEMENDEZKID says:

    I almost got that virus, good thing I uninstalled it when it wasn’t done. 😀

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this article. It was very helpful

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