How to remove the HomeGroup icon from Windows 8 Desktop (bug fix)

Windows 8 HomeGroup desktop icon bug

HomeGroup iconThere is a common bug concerning the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System that will cause the HomeGroup icon to appear at random on the Windows desktop. The HomeGroup icon may appear at any random time and can not be removed by simply right clicking the icon or highlighting the icon and deleting it. This often confuses users and may cause them to suspect that the HomeGroup icon is relative to a computer virus or malware infection.

The random HomeGroup icon bug is not linked to a computer infection. This is a common bug that may happen at random to Microsoft Windows 8 users.

HomeGroup is used to sync existing computers on the same network in order to share files.

How to remove the HomeGroup desktop icon

The video instruction and text below detail how to easily fix this bug.

remove homegroup icon

1. Right click Windows Desktop and select Personalize.

homegroup desktop icon removal

2. On the left side of the Personalization interface click Change desktop icons.

Desktop icon homegroup

3. A new window will appear titled Desktop Icon Settings. From here, click and un-click an unused Desktop Icon such as “User Files” to get the Apply button to become highlighted (available). Click the Apply button, followed by the OK button. This should fix the Windows 8 HomeGroup desktop icon bug.

Note: As long as you are able to make the Apply button on the Desktop Icon Settings window clickable, you will be able to repair this bug.

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