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How To Remove Genieo Malware – Redirect Virus (Uninstall Genieo)

What is Genieo malware (

Genieo (Genieo Toolbar), also referred to as the Genieo virus or Genieo search virus, is potential malware categorized as a browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that allegedly entraps victims to unethical terms and changes internet browser settings without consent. Genieo malware including the Genieo Toolbar and third-party browser add-ons, extensions, and toolbars may install to Mac and Windows computer systems as standalone attachments or Genieo may bundle inside alleged third-party malware and vice versa. The potential third-party malware associated with the Genieo virus includes potential adware, browser hijackers, and spyware that overall possibly causes browser redirections to and displays unwanted advertisements.

Genio virus is an unethical search engine and homepage by many, as well as a website that potentially advertises itself as a personalized homepage or startpage with many features to the public and as an advertisement serving platform to publishers in order to generate revenue off the confusion and misfortunes of internet users. Once Google Reader closed, Genieo has been working hard to promote itself as an alternative. The search engine has been repoted to use unethical marketing practices including social engineering, in order to potentially target and entrap unsuspecting victims to terms they would never agree with if presented with in a proper manner.

Genieo malware, as previously discussed has been repoted by many to change internet browser settings for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari, such as the homepage, default seach engine, and browser shortcut, which overall causes internet browsers to start up on and redirect to when attempting to search the web using the infected browser’s address bar. Many claim this has happened without permission, or without direct permission (entrapment). Others claim that Genieo may also cause victims to notice unwanted pop-up advertisements. redirect virus

Genieo software, including the Genieo Toolbar, and related products have also been reported to be very difficult to uninstall. Many victims of Genieo malware have complained on the company’s Facebook page and other outlets.

Is safe ( review)?,, and other web pages associated with the Genieo domain name are not considered safe by many websites and reports concerning “desperate and unethical marketing practices,” blatant dishonesty, social engineering, entrapment, and the invasion of privacy. Furthermore, Genieo and third-parties have been reported to collect sensitive information manually submitted online, including passwords, user names, phone numbers, credit card numbers, comments, and more to a remote location via third-parties.

Genieo malware

Aside from the more severe alleged symptoms of the Genieo virus, victims of Genieo malware have reported excessive amounts of email spam, an influx in telemarketers and phishing attempts via telephone, and a larger amounts of junk snail-mail. It may be concluded that using items may add users to marketing lists without direct and proper consent.

Please note, Genieo is not defined as a computer virus and Genieo virus is a common used term but Genieo is considered malware by many, including Antivirus products, Anti-Malware products, reputation based websites, and more. We consider being aware of what you install to your computer and internet browser, check reviews for products before you download them, and always be aware of fake reviews meant to give the product a boost. Many websites that engage in monetization techniques also syndicate their product or website using third-party sources or may use very old testimonials that are no longer relevant.

If voluntarily installing the homepage, you will be forced to make and third-party websites your homepage and default search engine. Genieo makes users click a radio box when installing Genio where there is usually a box that claims “I agree to these terms” but instead says “Set Genieo as your default search provider on Chrome.” This can be very confusing for internet users who want to use Genieo but do not want their browsers to redirect or startup on unwanted websites.

Genieo homepage hijacker

As for our personal feelings towards Genieo and freeware… we believe that there are potential risks when using any free software online. Especially software or browser attachments that claim they can change their products and terms without properly notifying the user and have a long history of unethical practices reported by users on many websites.

How does the Genieo virus infect a computer?

Uninstall Genieo homepageGenieo software, including the Genieo Toolbar, Genieo Community Toolbar, Genieo addon, Genieo extension, and more can be manually installed from a variety of websites including promotes its download as “A Newspaper Styled Homepage” that lets all the information you personally care about – come to you (their words/pictured).

To remove Genieo malware and uninstall Genieo from Mac and PC, please use the free Genieo removal instructions below.

Green Arrow Bullet   How to remove the Genieo virus (Uninstall)

  1. Automatic Genieo Remove - Genieo removal software, system Cleaner
  2. Manual Genieo Remove - Manually remove Genieo Search and third-party malware

1. How to automatically remove Genieo and third-party malware

Use the instructions below to automatically remove the Genieo virus and third-party malware, as well as automatically repair internet browser settings to stop redirecting to

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes will detect and remove potential Genieo malware.

1. Install the free or paid version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.

Purchase Malwarebytes PRO   Free Download

2. Once Malwarebytes is installed, run the program. If you are using the free version of Malwarebytes you will be prompted to update the database, please do so.

3. Open the first tab labeled “Scanner” and select the Perform full scan option. Click the Scan button to perform a full system scan. Malwarebytes will automatically detect potential Genieo malware.

Malwarebytes Perform Full Scan

4. Once the full system scan is complete, Malwarebytes may prompt a message stating malicious objects were detected. Select the malicious objects and click the Remove Selected button to completely remove the malicious files from your computer (the image below shows a file that is NOT selected) /or simply click the delete button if using the PRO version.

Malwarebytes Gadgetbox

CCleaner by Piriform

CCleaner can be used to repair internet browser settings and uninstall stubborn software. CCleaner can automatically stop your browser from redirecting to

1. Install the free or paid version of CCleaner by Piriform and run the program.

Purchase CCleaner for $24.95*   Free Download

CCleaner Analyze Cleaner

2. Navigate to Cleaner > Windows/Applications and click the Analyze button. Afterwards, click the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right of the program interface.

CCleaner Startup

3. Next, navigate to Tools > Startup and search through each tab starting from windows, internet explorer, etc., all the way to Content Menu, for additional suspicious entries and click Disable and Delete once anything is found.

4. If needed, to automatically uninstall Genieo and other unwanted software, navigate to the Uninstall tab and select the unwanted software for deletion.

2. How to manually remove Genieo and third-party malware

The instructions below can be used to manually remove Genieo software using generic Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows procedures.

Mac OS X Uninstall – Genieo Mac uninstall

  1. Launch Activity Monitor and change “My Processes” at the top to “All Processes”, then make sure Genieo is not running. If it is, quit the process before proceeding.
  2. Launch Finder and search for Genieo. You can narrow the search to specific folders or search your whole Mac. Searching “File Name” vs “Contents” usually provides better results.
  3. Click the + button below the search term to add criteria
  4. Click the search criteria drop-down and select “Other…”, then “System files”
  5. Click the “don’t include” and change to “include”
  6. Sort by name, kind, date, etc. to identify components of the app, such as folders, .plist files, cache files. etc.
  7. Delete all files and folders related to the app.
  8. Don’t empty your Trash until you’ve determined that everything is working OK, in case you need to restore something you deleted by accident.
  9. A reboot might be necessary to completely remove some apps.

Windows Uninstaller – Genieo Windows uninstall

1. Access Windows Start Menu and navigate to the Control Panel.

Uninstall a program

2. Click Uninstall a program or Add and remove a program (depending on your version of Windows).

3. In the list of installed programs, search for Genieo software such as Genieo Toolbar and other suspicious software, including third party programs and uninstall them by double clicking the program’s icon, or highlight the program in the list and click the Uninstall button/tab.

Remove Genieo Toolbar & Third-Party Attachments

Genieo Toolbar may install as a standalone add-on or extension, alongside third-party browser attachments, or bundled inside a third-party browser attachment. Removing third-party attachments often stops the unwarranted Genieo redirect.

It is suggested to Uninstall any unwanted programs and browser helper objects using Window’s Uninstaller or CCleaner prior to removing the browser attachment.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Type Ctrl+Shift+A.

2. On the Extensions and Plugin search for the Genieo addon and any suspicious add-ons and remove them if located.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab search for the Genieo addon and any suspicious addons and remove them if located.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Customize icon (wrench or 3 bar icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions (or type chrome://chrome/extensions/ into the address bar).

2. Search for the Genieo extension and other suspicious extensions. Remove them by clicking the trashcan icon next to them.

Apple Safari

1. Click Settings, navigate to Preferences and click the Extensions tab.

2. Remove the Genieo extension or turn off all extensions.

How to remove from your home page

  • In Mozilla Firefox navigate to Tools > Options or click Firefox in the top left corner and click Options > Options. Under the General tab remove from the “Home Page:” field and replace it with your preferred home page URL.
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer navigate to Tools >Internet Options. Remove from the Home Page field and replace it with your preferred URL.
  • In Google Chrome click the customize icon (wrench or 3 bars) and navigate to Settings.Click “Set pages” under the On startup option. Remove and replace it with your preferred URL.

How to remove the search engine

  • In Mozilla Firefox, click the small search magnify glass near the search box (not url/search field) and click “Manage Search Engines…”. Remove the search engine from the list of search providers by highlighting the selections and clicking remove.
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer navigate to Tools > Manage Add Ons > Search Providers and remove the search engine from the list.
  • In Google Chrome, click the customize icon (wrench or 3 bars) and navigate to Settings > Manage search engines… click the X next to to remove it as your search engine. If is set as Google Chrome’s default search engine, add (or select) a new search engine (such as and select the new search engine as the default search engine, then remove by clicking the X next to it (pictured below).

Browser Shortcuts may alter browser shortcuts on Windows operating systems.

1. Right click on a browser shortcut and select Properties.

2. On the shortcut tab, remove from the the target field and click OK. If your shortcut is pinned to the taskbar you have to unpin it first, then correct the shortcut in the start menu, and re-pin it to the task bar.


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