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How To Remove The FreeHDSport.TV Virus – Uninstall Free HD Sport Browser Hijacker Malware Removal Instructions

What is FreeHDSport (FreeHdSport.tv)?

FreeHDSport is corrupt free software (freeware) that can be used to watch worldwide sports, movies, and news channels. The downside to using FreeHDSport software is that it will install a browser helper object (browser hijacker) without consent (FreeHDSport add-on & extension, etc.) in order to alter the infected computer systems browsers to accommodate revenue generating platforms via third parties, like CouponDropDown and other adware and spyware platforms.

Remove Free HD Sports TV

FreeHDSport is often called the FreeHDSport virus and referred to as a browser hijacker. In reality as described in the opening sentence, FreeHDSport is freeware but given the fact that FreeHDSport does not it’s actions and intentions clear, the software and FreeHDSport add-on entrap victims and introduce them to unnecessary and malicious side effects, therefore temporarily classifying Free HD Sport as malware.

  • FreeHDSport software can install to a computer system and attach to a internet browser with or without consent (FreeHDSport.Tv website).
  • FreeHDSport bundles with unethical third party platforms categorized as adware and spyware, including CouponDropDown.

Is FreeHDSports a virus? Malware? Is it Safe to download?

FreeHDSport is not safe to use and FreeHDSport is not a virus, but is considered malware given the privacy invading issues related to the software and FreeHDSport add-on and extension.

In reality there is no actual safe place to watch copyright content on the internet, a suggestion for videos in general would be to use the Graboid client by Fusenet given their exclusive rights with distributors.

How to remove FreeHDSport and third party malware

If FreeHDSport has infected your computer system and attached to your intenret browsers as an add-on, extension, or toolbar use the instructions below to detect and remove FreeHDSport as well as third party malware that may have infected your system.

Tip – Stop Unwanted Browser Redirects

If your internet browser is redirecting to unwanted websites without your consent or direct permission, please refer to a previously detailed article.

The root of a browser redirection may have developed for several reasons including malware affecting your browser’s managed and provided search engines.

FreeHDSport Removal Options

  1. Anti-Malware Software Scan, detect, and remove malware.
  2. Uninstall FreeHDSport Freeware
  3. Remove FreeHDSport add-on, extension, or toolbar
  4. System Restore  – Restore system to a date and time before issues.

1. Anti-Malware Software (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

Malwarebytes is the most recommended Anti-Malware software used to scan, detect, and remove malware and viruses, including parasites that may have been contracted via the fiosearch.com website.

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2. Uninstall FreeHDSport Freeware (Instructions)

1. Access Windows Control Panel and navigate to Uninstall a program or Add and remove a program (depending on Windows OS).

Uninstall Virus

2. Find FreeHDSport freeware in the list of installed programs and double click the software to uninstall it (or highlight it and click the Uninstall button/or right click and select Uninstall).

While you’re here check for suspicious third party programs that may have bundled with FreeHDSport, anaylze the suspicious program, and remove it if necessary.

3. Remove FreeHDSport Add-on, Extension, Toolbar

Use the instructions below to remove the FreeHDSport add-on, extension, or toolbar,  as well as third party add-ons and extensions that may have infected your browser without consent.

Make sure to uninstall FreeHDSport before attempting to remove the add-on, extension, or toolbar.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon (customize and control icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

2.  Look for the FreeHDSport extension and remove it by clicking the trashcan icon next to it.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Add-ons. (Ctrl+Shift+A)

2. On the Extensions and Plugin tabs find the FreeHDSport extension and click remove.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tabs find FreeHDSport and remove it.

4. System Restore  (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

Perform a system restore to an automatic restore point created by Window’s each week or during system updates.

Windows Recommended Restore And Choose A Restore Point

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