What is the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus?

The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus is ransomware disguised as the FBI, in the same family as the FBI virus. The Ultimate Game Card virus locks computer systems and makes false claims that the computer (by IP address) has been involved with illegal online activity such as distributing copyright material and child porn. The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus states the computer owner must pay a fine in order to unlock and use the computer again by use of the Ultimate Game Card, which can be purchased at stores like Walmart, CVS, Circle K, and so on. It is recommend to remove the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus from your computer as soon as you become aware of the infection. Do not pay the fine, paying the penalty fine will not remove the virus from your system.  If the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus is not removed from your computer or if you pay the fine you become more and more vulnerable as time proceeds to cyber criminal activity such as identity theft, extortion, and even complete loss of computer functionality.

FBI Ultimate Game Card Virus

Similar FBI viruses include the FBI Moneypak virus, also called Citadel Reveton. The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus is another variant of these ransomware infections and contain the same removal procedures.

How did I become infected with the FBI Ultimate Game Card ransomware virus?

Infection of FBI related ransomware viruses such as the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus can be contracted from infected websites (see previous article), prior computer infections, and phishing techniques (see previous article).

The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus often infects computers and computer users whom access or redirect to fake drive-by-download websites.

FBI Ultimate Game Card virus Symptoms

  • The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus locks computer systems in place and displays a fake screen disguised as the FBI. This fake FBI screen states the computer has been involved in illegal activity such as distributing copyright material, child porn, and zoofilia.
  • The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus demands a fine to be paid in order to unlock and use the computer again. Fines may be anywhere from $100 to $200.
  • The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus may cause many computer system malfunctions upon removal attempts such as disabling normal registry entries and Antivirus software (there are removal options to bypass this).
  • The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus may bundle with or install along side other malware, viruses, and Trojans causing tragic affects from cyber criminal activity. The FBI Ultimate Game Card virus and associated viruses are capable of recording keystrokes and can trace and track personal and online activity to be used negatively against the victim.

How to remove the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus

There are many options to remove the FBI Ultimate Game Card virus for different victims. Clicking a removal option below will take you to our previous in depth article about removing the FBI virus and variants of the infection.

Removal Options
  1. Malware Removal Software – Scan and remove malware
  2. Manual Removal – Remove associated files
  3. System Restore – Restore PC to a date and time before infection (includes different access options)
  4. Safe Mode With Networking – Manually remove files and/or scan and remove malware (reset proxy settings if needed)
  5. Flash Drive Option – Load Antivirus (AM) software to a flash drive, scan and remove malware
  6. Optical CD-R Option – Scan and remove malware
  7. Slave Hard Disk Drive Option – Scan, detect, and remove malware

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