What is the EReadingSource Redirection Virus?

The EReadingSource.com redirection virus is a mild computer infection categorized as an internet browser hijacker that changes home page settings and provided search engines in order to redirect internet searches and URLs to EReadingSource.com. The domain name EReadingSource.com directs searches to many different URLs including S1.EReadingSource.com and Search.EReadingSource.com.

E Reading Source Virus

The EReadingSource.com redirection virus is considered mild because there have been no reports or noticeable affects of malware such as adware and spyware. Many browser hijackers that produce internet browser redirections also install individual toolbars (add-ons, extensions) and E Reading Source has not been reported to.

S1 EReadingSource Redirection Virus

Keep in mind, though EReadingSource.com does not install a participial a add-on or extension, the EReadingSource.com redirection may have infected your system alongside or bundled with malware, though no malicious accounts have been reported from the domain name EReadingSource.com.

What is EReadingSource.com?

EReadingSource.com claims to be a website that provides a one-stop location for bibliophiles to find reviews and information about books, as well as allowing visitors to download books in HTML, EPUB, and Text. E Reading Source is claimed to be developed by FSD Media, LLC.

Search EReadingSource Virus

Is EReadingSource.com safe?

EReadingSource.com is a risk, therefore by default EReadingSource.com is not considered safe. Search.EReadingSource.com and other URLs such as S1.EReadingSource.com may use cookies to track visitor and user information such as IP address and mild internet activity.

  • No reports of identity theft or cyber criminal activities have been reported in conjunction with EReadingSource.com and EReadingSource.com based internet browser redirection.
E Reading Source Redirection Virus

The fact that EReadingSource.com has multiple search URLs and often “hijacks” internet users causing redirections to these multiple URLs is enough to cause discouragement. Many websites that operate the same way and use similar techniques such as Incredibar and Snap.do often collect, distribute, sell, store, etc personal information and are capable of cyber criminal activity such as identity theft, as well as affecting computer system functionality.

How to remove the EReadingSource virus

To stop your intenet browser from redirecting to EReadingSource.com and related websites please follow the steps below. The steps include 1. Repairing home page settings to normal and 2. Repairing provided search engines to normal. These two steps will remove the EReadingSource.com redirection virus.

Remove Cookies

Before you proceed it is recommend that before and after you remove the EReadingSource.com virus to also delete browser cache and cookie files. You can delete cache and cookie files by navigating to your internet browsers preference or settings options. This option is often called “Clear browsing data” and can be accessed by typing Ctrol+Shift+Del on Google Chrome.

1. Repair Home Page Settings

If EReadingSource.com has taken over your home page, follow the steps below to remove EReadingSource.com from your internet browser.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the wrench icon in the upper-right corner and then click “Settings”.
2. In the “On Startup” section, click “Set pages” and remove any lines for EReadingSource.com by clicking the “x” icons and click “OK” when finished.

EReadingSource Home page
3. If you set Pageset in your Home button, find the “Appearance” section and click the “change” link under “Show Home Button” and remove the Pageset URL, then click “OK”.
4. Close all open Chrome browsers

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Firefox.
2. Click “Tools” -> “Options”.
3. Under the “General” tab locate the “Startup”/”Home Page” area and click “Restore to Default” or change the URL to your preferred website.
4. Click “OK” and then click your homepage icon again.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click “Tools” then “Internet Options.
3. Find the “General” tab and in the “Homepage” area click the “Use default” button or change the URL to your preferred website.
4. Click “OK” and then click your homepage icon again.

2. Repair Provided Search Engines

If EReadingSource.com is causing online searches and inputted URLs to redirect to EReadingSource.com based websites, change your provided (managed) search engines using the steps below.

Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list of provided search engines per each internet browser installed on your computer and change the URL to normal or default (Google.com, Bing.com).

  • Chrome: Wrench Icon > Settings > Manage Search Engines (Screenshot)
  • Firefox: Tools > Search Icon (Magnify Glass, Arrow) > Manage Search Engines
  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers

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