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How To Remove DropDownDeals Virus – DropDownDeals Malware Removal Instructions

What is DropDownDeals ( DropDownDeals Virus, Adware)?

Remove DropDownDeals AdvertisementsDropDownDeals is an unethical advertising platform categorized as a browser hijacker, with symptoms and associations relating to adware and spyware. Scammers can utilize Drop Down Deals to display popup style advertisements and coupons, as well as use to promote click through rates via CPC. DropDownDeals is not a virus, but is often referred to as the DropDownDeals virus because of the large amount of complaints and security reports facing DropDownDeals

When infected with the DropDownDeals virus, DropDownDeals attaches to internet browsers as a browser helper object,and while browsing the internet victims often notice unwanted popup advertisements appear. Alike a similar infection known as CouponDropDown the third party popup advertisements displayed by DropDownDeals are sometimes blue or green tags stating displaying various coupon deals and comparisons. DropDownDeals advertisements may also pop out from the browser toolbar, side bar, address bar, or via common in-text styles. Often such advertisements will say continue to click by DropDownDeals on the top frame or display the DropDownDeals logo on the bottom of the advertisement.

How can I get infected with the DropDownDeals virus?

DropDownDeals can be contracted by visiting websites hosting malware or clicking malicious links in spam emails and social network posts.

Most of the time DropDownDeals bundles with (installs alongside) third party freeware and shareware applications including 1ClickDownloader, TornTV, and especially Yontoo and the Yontoo Layers Client.

If DropDownDeals and the DropDownDeals add-on and extension are affecting your internet browser without consent you are likely infected by third party malware, viruses, and or Trojans.

Use the steps below to detect, scan, and remove malware facing your system and remove unwanted DropDownDeals advertisements via the DropDownDeals and third party add-on or extension.

How To Remove the DropDownDeals virus

  1. Anti-Malware Software - If necessary, scan, detect, and remove malware.
  2. System Restore  – Restore system to a date and time before infection.
  3. Uninstall DropDownDeals – If installed, uninstall DropDownDeals program.
  4. Remove DropDownDeals – Remove DropDownDeals add-on/extension.
  5. Clear Cache And Cookies – Delete browser data and tracking cookies.
DropDownDeals Removal Tips

DropDownDeals bundles with third party applications and malware, when removing DropDownDeals remember that the DropDownDeals program may not be the only issue or program on your computer.

If your internet browser’s settings have been negatively affected, ie. the browser home page and search engine has changed without permission, you are infected with what is categorized as a browser hijacker. To learn more about hijackers and to stop unwanted redirections (etc) please refer to a previous article about how to remove redirection viruses.

1. Anti-Malware Software (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

Malwarebytes is the most recommended Antivirus – Anti-Malware software used to scan, detect, and remove malware including adware and browser hijackers. To remove DropDownDeals and associated malware, run a full system scan using either the free or paid versions. View other Antivirus recommendations.
Remove Koda Virus

2. System Restore  (Remove/Troubleshoot Malware)

Perform a system restore to an automatic restore point created by Window’s each week or during system updates. This can be very helpful if you suspect a severe infection. This can also be used to remove the  DropDownDeals program from your computer system.

3. Uninstall  DropDownDeals

Use these instructions to uninstall the DropDownDeals application.

Remember,  DropDownDeals bundles with third party add-ons and extensions. When removing  DropDownDeals keep an eye out for other suspicious browser helper objects, especially Yontoo.

1. Access Window’s Start Menu and select Control Panel

2. Select Uninstall a program or Add and remove programs

Uninstall a Program

3. Find the  DropDownDeals and other malicious and suspicious applications in the list of installed programs, select  DropDownDeals (highlight) and click the Uninstall button or double click it to properly uninstall  DropDownDeals.

4. Remove  DropDownDeals Add-on/Extension

DropDownDeals attaches a browser helper object onto infected internet browsers most likely called  DropDownDeals and also installs third party add-ons and extensions.

Use the steps below to remove  DropDownDeals and associated malware from each internet browser installed on your system.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Add-ons. (Ctrl+Shift+A)

2. On the Extensions and Plugin tabs find  DropDownDeals and associated add-ons and remove them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.

2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab find  DropDownDeals and associated add-ons and remove them.

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

2.  Find DropDownDeals and associated extensions and remove them by clicking the trash can icon next to them.

5. Clear Cache And Cookies

If you visited, or clicked links provided by DropDownDealsmalware it is recommended to delete your browser data. and associated websites load cookie files onto computer systesm without direct permission. This allows them to collect, store, and track information such as browser activity and system information. You can remove your browser cache and cookie files in your browser’s preference or settings options.


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