How to remove Delta Search (Virus Removal Guide)

Sean Doyle

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  1. pankaj says:

    It’s very usefull, Thanks a lot.

  2. I says:

    I’ve removed delta search for my computer through uninstallation, but there is still a program called something like delta chrome search toolbar on my computer that it won’t let me uninstall without downloading unauthorised software-which I fear may contain more malware. First of all, is this thing actually a problem, as it is not slowing my computer or doing any of the search engine stuff, but if it is a problem, how do I remove it without downloading more malware?

    • Sean Doyle says:

      The presence of unwanted programs on a computer system is a clear sign of a malware infestation in many situations. Malware often runs undetected in the background and may be used in a lot of unethical activities. Just because the suspicious program is not causing a computer system to malfunction does not mean that the program is not running as it intended to. (Please note, the intentions of your particular malware infection may vary from similar infections)

      If you are having issues uninstalling a program from your computer a recommendation is to use reputable software such as CCleaner by Piriform (free or paid versions –

      1. Install CCleaner

      2. Navigate to Tools

      3. Navigate to Uninstall and use CCleaner’s Uninstaller to remove any unwanted programs.

      Here’s an example of the CCleaner interface:
      ccleaner example

      • I says:

        Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.

      • I says:

        Seriously, I am extremely thankful for your help, I’m a new PC user and this has been a serious help in getting rid of that one annoying piece os malware that I had lurking around. I think I’m clean now, but I’m wondering whether once deltasearch has been uninstalled is it ok to login using my email or buy things online and I wont be tracked? I had the program installed for about 2 days before I completely got rid of it. Sorry if I’m sounding a little paranoid.

      • Anonymous says:

        THANK YOU~! You, made my day really worked-out. Really….BIG HELP. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  3. Karun says:

    Thanks for ur help !!! Actually I am happy as it worked !!!

  4. rob says:

    Thank you very much for your help, I am not a expert in this matter and the information was very helpful. Thank you.

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