How To Remove Text Enhance (Virus Removal Guide)

What is Text Enhance?

Text Enhance (Text-Enhance) is cross-browser adware and an advertising platform that uses multiple programs, browser extensions, and files to attach to internet browsers and gather personal data without user consent. Text Enhance is used by multiple third-parties in order to monetize freeware and other programs. This adware serves pop-up and targeted advertisements it feels users are most likely to click on across Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer based off of the information it gathers.

Text Enhance Removal

Victims of Text Enhance adware usually notice they are infected with this adware when the content found on random webpages have links that display spam advertisements once they are hovered over. These types of advertisements are called in-text advertisements. *Hovering over the words racing teams opens up a small window showing a spam advertisement relative to racing teams (image).

Video example of a Text Enhance infection

Text Enhance adware is usually contracted without user knowledge alongside free downloadable content from a variety of locations on the web. Free downloadable content includes freeware, shareware, torrents, email attachments, and more.

Users who wish to install freeware may be given a “custom installation” option to accept or decline an offer to install Text Enhance adware and similar products during the installation; However, the user request to decline the adware from installing can be ignored by the program or presented in a confusing manner.

In some cases, Text Enhance and other unwanted programs are deceptively promoted through questionable advertisements. These advertisements may be dishonest, misleading, and cause the program to automatically download and install once clicked on.

How to remove Text Enhance (Removal Guide)

Step 1: Remove Text Enhance add-ons and extensions

We recommend that you write down the toll free number below in case you run into any issues or problems while removing this infection. Our techs will kindly assist you with any problems.

tech support

Google Chrome

1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon on the top menu and navigate to More tools > Extensions.

2. Search for suspicious extensions in the list. Remove unwanted browser extensions individually by clicking the trashcan icon next to each one.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Type Ctrl+Shift+A.

2. Search for suspicious add-ons on the Extensions and Plugin tab. Highlight each one individually and click remove.

Step 2: Uninstall Text Enhance

1. Open Windows Start Menu and go to the Control Panel.

2. On Windows Control Panel, click Uninstall a program or Add and remove a program in the Programs section.

3. Search for Text Enhance and other unwanted programs in the list of installed programs. Once an unwanted program is located, double click the item or select it with your mouse and click the Uninstall button.

4. Restart your computer.

Step 3: Remove Text Enhance malware with Malwarebytes

1. Download and install the free or full version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The full version enables real-time protection to block malware and unwanted programs from infecting your computer, while the free version is just a free scan and removal tool.

buy now

2. Open the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


3. Click the large Scan Now button or visit the “Scan” tab to manually run a scan.

Malwarebytes 2

4. Once the malware scan is complete, click the Remove Selected button and reboot your computer.

If you are still having issues with potential Text Enhance malware after using Malwarebytes it is recommended to download and install a second opinion scanner such as HitmanPro by Surfright to eradicate existing malicious files and automatically repair corrupted settings.

Step 4: Cleanup and repair settings with CCleaner

1. Download and install the free or full version of CCleaner by Piriform.

buy now

CCleaner Analyze Cleaner

2. Once installed, open the program and navigate to Cleaner > Windows/Applications and click the Analyze button. Afterwards, click the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right of the program interface.

CCleaner Startup

3. Next, navigate to Tools > Startup and search through each tab starting from windows, internet explorer, etc., all the way to Content Menu, for additional suspicious entries and click Disable and Delete once anything is found.

4. To automatically uninstall unwanted programs using CCleaner, navigate to the Uninstall tab and search for the program in the list of installed programs. Uninstall the unwanted software as selected by clicking the Run Uninstaller button.

If you are still experiencing issues removing potential Text Enhance malware after using this removal guide we recommend to perform a system restore/recovery or a reset/refresh for Windows 8.

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  4. ReplyAnonymous
    Firefox Add On 'Deal Spy'. Sherminated.
    • ReplyAuthorSean Doyle
      Thank you very much.
  5. ReplyDan
    It started for me when I installed Adblock Plus on Firefox. It stopped when I removed Adblock Plus from Firefox. I figured that was how Adblock Plus was making money.?? I also cleared my cookies at the same time. Just disabling Adblock Plus did not work.
    • ReplyDan
      Correction. When I removed Adblock Plus are restarted Flashblock which is what stopped Text Enhance.
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  7. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you! This was very helpful. The Chrome extension "StartNow" was the culprit for me.
    • ReplyAnonymous
      StartNow was the culprit for me as well.
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        smae here
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    Add "SportHunter TV App" or "HD TV Sports" to the list
  10. ReplyAnonymous
    Thanks! My Addon was called Save Now
  11. ReplyAnonymous
    Key Download was what it was called on my system
  12. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you! It worked perfectly on Google Chrome - I had the program "browse 2 save" installed - apparently
  13. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you soo much. I thought that I was the only one having this problem. Just delete anything you make sure it's off of your browser, not just disabled just for safety.
  14. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you, great info. you saved my time and my mac :))
  15. ReplyNikki
    Ive discovered the extension AddLyrics on firefox also causes this problem as it has text enhance in it.
  16. ReplyMJon
    Coupon Companion is another Google Chrome extension that Text Enhance is embedded in, if anyone wants to add it to the list.
  17. Replyannmarielawler
    thank you soh much. this was annoying me for ages. wish i'd done it sooner
  18. ReplyAnonymous
    I found my pain in the butt for text enhance in the FireFox addons listed as Selectionlinks. looks very harmless, but after diabling it and then removing it.. No More Text Enhance.
    • ReplyAnonymous
      As did I. I took a chance and deleted before I came across this site. Seems to be resolved. Still running a full malwarebytes scan system scan just to be sure.
  19. ReplyOwem Gee
    I had absolutely no clue what I was doing but whatever it was you told me to do worked!!!!!!!!!! Infinate thanks!!
  20. ReplyAnonymous
    Terrific! I was able to remove those pesky hover over ads in less than a minute. Thanks!
  21. ReplyJames
    Hi Solved my problems - "savebyclick 1" was the problem on my PC - found in the FF Add On Extensions.
  22. Replyscottlorenz
    Great article thanks. Looks like there so much underhanded dealing built into so may programs that you can't trust any of these folks!
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  24. ReplySteve
    Just ran across a case where a client's infected browser inserted a script block in a WordPress page which called the Text-enhance JavaScript directly. So this has gone beyond just a browser hijack.
  25. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you so much! All I had to do was clear my cache (Google Chrome) and end some extension called "Add Lyrics" which seems to have installed itself. It was affecting a couple of other sites for me but everything is back to normal now, thanks again.
  26. ReplyDani Coward
    This Text Enhancing has been bugging me for a while on Chrome and IE and I finally looked into what it is and how to get rid of it. Following your steps I found the SmartNow extension and deleted that sucker! Thanks for this great article!! However, I am having issues in Step 4 of Installing AdBlocker. I enter "" or "" in the Domain text field, but it won't let me click Block It! Am I missing a step somewhere...?
  27. ReplyAllan
    Another thing to add to the list of extensions is "onetab".
  28. ReplyAlan
    I found this on my computer today (1-14-13) and after removing the "SEND TO KINDLE" app from Amazon this went away. So anyone installing the SEND TO KINDLE app for Firefox be aware that Amazon installs this adware crap (text-enhance adware) without your knowledge. Nowhere is this addition prominently displayed in the download that this crap is installed along with the Amazon Firefox addon.
  29. Replydfg
    Thank you so much!!
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  31. ReplyTim
    Had a similar thing called JUST PLUG IT, those bastards.
  32. ReplyAnonymous
    Zoomex is another name I found for it in Chrome.
    • ReplyAnonymous
      ^ correct and thanks
    • ReplyAuthorSean Doyle
      Thank you, we have further investigated your suggestion and added it to the list.
  33. ReplyAnonymous
  34. ReplyNiantic Acupuncture & Family Wellness - Maggie
    Awesome! Thank you! I was absolutely panicking when I thought my own website was pirated and was lucky to find this website with absolutely perfect well presented instructions.
  35. ReplyMichael Downey
    Thanks so much for such a thorough and explicit list of removal options for Enhanced Adware. All options are so detailed and clear. Quick suggestion? You might want to place Option ^ at the top of the list as Option 1. I was shocked to read that simply using system restore would actually remove imbedded adware--but I tried that first and it worked like a charm. Excellent work and much appreciated! MD
  36. ReplyJohnnie R
    Thanks for the help... this showed up today and I'm hoping you helped me get rid of it... thanks so much.
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  38. ReplyAnonymous
    Hi I had CouponDropDown on my Safari under MacOS 10.6.8. and the extension that created it called "torrenthandler".
    • ReplyAuthorSean Doyle
      Sorry to hear and thank you for the information.
  39. ReplyAnonymous
    Thank you for this information!
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  41. ReplyAnonymous
    Great has infected all of my browsers, yet when I look in the extensions folder, I find nothing.
  42. ReplyIke
    Does anybody have any details on who or what company is behind Text Enhance? Where are they based? What is their address? I haven't been able to find much so far. Their Web site is extremely unhelpful -- they clearly don't want to be found. Let's track these bastards down!
  43. ReplyAnonymous
    I found my in an extension call 'selectionlinks'
  44. ReplyAndrea
    Seems to have worked. It was infecting Firefox only and I didn't see any unusual extensions or addons. I deleted all cookies and ran Malwarebytes. Added the two websites as exceptions in the cookie list. Restarted Firefox. So far so good.
  45. ReplyMichelle
    I agree, totally awesome and I thank you so much for posting this. Kudos for your help!
  46. Replyjohn
    AWESOME. Thank you so much!
  47. ReplyEspinoth
    There's a new name for the text enhance extension, discovered it in my Chrome browser: Privacy SafeGuard 1.1
    • ReplyEspinoth
      This one is even more invasive than before, because it will randomly open a new tab in your browser, and FORCE you to view, even if you're using another program. The original url always starts with ssl.privacysafeguard (I can't remember the rest), but quickly changes to a random spam website (The most common of which seems to be adultfriendfinder.).
    • ReplyAuthorSean Doyle
      Thanks Espinoth.
  48. Replyktupp
    FYI - Found as add-on extension in firefox under the name startnow toolbar
  49. ReplyRachel
    This was really helpful, thanks!!
    • ReplyFady
      Hi. There's also an add-on called "Browse22Save" on Firefox.
      • ReplyBill
        Mine was called "Browwse2Saavei" on Firefox. Once disabled and removed, all was good with the world again. Thanks botcrawl!!!
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