is a website that is not associated with a computer virus or browser hijacker program; However, there are a few malicious websites that want to deceive you in thinking that there is such thing as a virus although there is not. The only issue with are the slanderous articles written online by fake anti-spyware websites that want to trick you into believing this is a virus in order to get you to download rogue programs or programs that cannot remove this website from your browser settings. redirect virus

Some websites may claim that a rogue scan-only program can be used to remove, but that is not the case. The malicious websites that claim this only want you to download the scan-only program so it can pretend that there is malware on your computer once you use it to scan your computer. It utilizes this deceptive method in order to trick you into purchasing or registering the full version of the scan-only program for a semi-annual fee.

In reality, no anti-spyware or Antivirus program can help you remove because the program is a search engine associated with Time Warner Cable services.

If your browser redirects you to it is because you are a customer at Time Warner Cable and your network may be setup to direct you to this website at certain times.

How to manually repair your browser settings

You can remove from your homepage, new tab page, and search engine by following the instructions below for your affected internet browser:


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