How to remove RegGenie (Virus Removal Guide)

RegGenie is a rogue Antivirus software similar to Scareware available as a free Antivirus scanner and paid product that claims to help easily remove obsolete information from your PC and fix errors while increasing computer speed at the same time. RegGenie also claims to be an advanced registry utility designed for even the most “novice” Windows computer user, when in fact RegGenie is entirety malicious software used in extortion and identity theft schemes. Free and paid versions of RegGenie are both considered scams.

RegGenie Antivirus Scam

Click to view older version screenshot.

RegGenie may appear as legitimate Antivirus software, given RegGenie is downloadable from CNET (RegGenie’s CNET profile is full of negative reviews stating that RegGenie is rogue software as well as a scam used to steal unsuspected computer user’s identities) but RegGenie is purely malicious software and will harm the functionality of your computer as well as gather personal data and information which can be used in extortion schemes and identity theft operations.

RegGenie Bad Reviews

Update: I have spoken with CNet in order to remove RegGenie, as well as the developer’s/publisher’s other downloads such as Privacy Genie. CNet downloads has agreed to remove RegGenie and the publisher’s other downloads accessible on CNet.

RegGenie CNet Removal

Rogue Antivirus software RegGenie also displays fake “issue” alerts, warning of malware and virus attacks similar to how Scareware operates. RegGenie may scare infected users and users whom purchase or use their free scanner into believing their computer is infected with malware and viruses when in fact the system is clean.

RegGenie Fake ErrorsRegGenie and similar Scareware applications use this technique to falsify value for their rogue products.

Once the RegGenie Antivirus scan is complete and shows that “errors have been found”, if you wish to fix these “fake” errors using RegGenie they will prompt for the computer user to register the product by paying for the software.

RegGenie Scam

Please note there are no available “purchase” links to buy RegGenie, you can only download their scanner for free, which will show fake results, and then you are promoted to purchase their fake software.

Why is RegGenie Dangerous?

RegGenie is considered very dangerous. Most negative reports concerning the malicious and criminal activity of RegGenie persist of identity theft, credit schemes, and bank account balance theft.

  • RegGenie acts similar to a Trojan because RegGenie traces and tracks computer and internet activity, such as keystrokes (which can be used to purge passwords), browser history, location (latitude and longitude/based on internet protocol address), and all personal data and information stored or access by the infected computer system.
  • RegGenie may allow third party applications and malware to infect your system. These third party applications may consist of adware and spyware or third party Trojans.
  • RegGenie Antivirus falsify Antivirus scan reports in order to trick the computer user to believing their computer system is infected with malware and viruses.
RegGenie Error Scareware
  •,, and all use cookies to trace and track visitor internet actity and computer details. These cookies can detail a computer systems location. and Websites
  • If RegGenie is not removed from your computer the protection of your identity is at a very high risk.
  • If RegGenie is not removed from your computer, your computer system may not function properly and is at risk of losing all data, files, and information.
I purchased RegGenie, can I get a refund?

RegGenie claims to offer a full 60-day satisfaction guarantee and claims that after 60 days all sales are final. To request a refund during your first 60 days, please contact you can try to contact them through their ticket support site: http://www.get-support.com, or You will need your order number and email address that you used at purchase RegGenie.

  • If seeking a refund, try to be nice. Do not mention they are a malicious rogue Antivirus program. Please note, no refunds have been successfully documented.

How to remove RegGenie Rogue Antivirus software

There are 4 methods you can use to uninstall RegGenie from your computer: 

  1. Use Windows programs tool to uninstall RegGenie
  2. Use RegGenie’s Uninstall Program shortcut
  3. Manually Uninstall malicious RegGenie files
  4. System Restore – Please click here for further details.
Method 1: Use Windows programs tool to uninstall RegGenie

Window’s Vista and 7
This video is an example of the RegGenie removal steps, which are located below the video.

1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel.

2. Click Programs, and then click Programs and Features.

Programs and Features

3. Select RegGenie from the program list, and then click Uninstall.

RegGenie Uninstall

Window’s XP

1. Open Windows Add/Remove Programs by clicking the Start button.

2. Click on Control Panel and then click Add/Remove Programs.

Control Panel

3. Select RegGenie from the program list, and then click Remove.

Remove RegGenie Antivirus

Method 2: Use RegGenie’s Uninstall Program shortcut

Window’s Vista and 7

1. Click on the Start button, click on All Programs

All Programs Windows

2. Click on the RegGenie folder and choose Uninstall RegGenie from the list.

RegGenie Uninstaller

3. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete RegGenie removal.


Window’s XP

1. Click on the Start button, click on All Programs

All Programs

2. Click on the RegGenie folder and choose Uninstall RegGenie from the list.

Uninstall RegGenie

3. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete RegGenie removal.

Method 3: Manually Uninstall RegGenie files

1. Uninstall RegGenie using either Method 1 or Method 2 above (if you haven’t already)

2. Click the Start button, and type ‘regedit‘ in the search box (Vista & 7) or click Run and type ‘regedit’ (XP)

Type regedit Regedit

3. Expand the folder ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Registry Editor
4. Expand the ‘Software‘ folder and select the ‘RegGenie2008‘ folder.
RegGenie Registry Entries
5. Press the Delete keyboard button or right-click and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm deletion and close RegEdit.
Remove RegGenie Registry Entries
6. Open My Computer and select your C: hard drive (or your local hard drive) and open Program Files

7. Find the RegGenie folder and press Delete or right-click and select Delete. Confirm deletion.

RegGenie Program Files

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  1. Leonardo says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for making this post.
    My friend got infected with a trojan virus, and since his old antivirus failed to stop it he decided to look for a new one and end up downloading this rogue.
    He already sent a support ticket to the company, but received no word from it.
    Now we both have Malwarebytes on our computers and don’t have to worry about viruses anymore.

    • Sean Doyle says:

      Thanks for bringing RegGenie to my attention. I have already spoken with CNet to take down the rogue Antivirus software as well.
      Sorry to hear about your friend’s Trojan infection and stress with other Antivirus software.
      I’m glad to hear you guys are protected by Malwarebytes!

  1. November 14, 2012

    […] How To Remove RegGenie Rogue Antivirus Software – Uninstall …Sep 18, 2012 … RegGenie is a rogue Antivirus software program (malware) available as a free Antivirus scanner and paid product. RegGenie is a scam that … […]

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